Tuesday, July 31, 2012

3 months

Ben turned 3 months old yesterday. In some ways I can not believe that three months have gone by, if I blink will he be 6 months old? In MANY other ways I can't believe that only three months have gone by. Has it really been only three months since I last (sort of) slept through the night? HA. ha. ha.

Lets take a look back at the last three months. This is such an amazing time in our lives and I just don't want to forget all these awesome little details. The blog is after all for...me. Sure, I hope you read it. And yes, I definitely hope that you love it, but I suspect that I am the only one who will go back and reread all of these posts a few years from now. And when I do I will be SO glad there is something to read.

Here is Ben at only 1 month old.

Weight - 10lbs 13oz (78%)
Height - 21.25in (39%)
Weight for Height (88%)
Head - 39 (69%)
Our first four weeks at home were an adjustment to say the least. As I have written (many many times now) Ben was sleeping in 45 minute blocks 24 hours a day. Just when I thought I would actually go crazy he would sleep 5 or 6 hours and the world would once again be an alright place to live. Nursing for the most part was great. Sure we had thrush and yes it was crazy painful for me this time, but 2 weeks of meds cleared everything up and we were doing great. The biggest difference for me this time has been my supply but that is a whole other post complete with a disclaimer! 

Here is Ben at 2 months. 

Weight - 12lbs 10oz (71%)
Height - 23in (50%) 
Weight for Height (70%) 
Head - 39 (66%) 

At two months old I was holding out hope every.single.night that something magical would happen and Ben would suddenly start sleeping for longer and longer stretches. Some nights I would get my wish and he would sleep four or five hours. For one glorious week he strung a few of said nights together and I really did think we were on to something good. Ha. Just as quickly as it came Ben was back to his 45 minute nonsense routine the following week. His internal timer is incredible. I am not joking. If you ever need to time a 45 minute increment give me a call and I will put Ben down for a nap. Aside from the sleep deprivation everything else was going along smoothly. Nursing and pumping were starting to take over my life but again that is a post of another day. Ben had some awesome milestones including smiling, which lets face it, just makes everything okay. His pediatrician had no concerns whatsoever, he took his shots like a trooper, and Lily was very pleased to pick out his sticker for him.                                                                                      

And here we are today (technically yesterday) at 3 months! 

I am still in awe of the fact that I have two babies. Lily is an amazing big sister (a topic also worthy of its own  post). I am still holding a small grudge against those mommy liars that said that adding a second baby "is not really that much more work." Maybe they have a better system in place than I do. Hell, maybe they have an army of off duty elves doing the cooking and cleaning. In either case I would never tell a fellow mom that adding a second baby is a breeze. Right now the kids are on opposite nap schedules which means for most of the day I only have one kiddo screaming in my face to tend to at any given point. We are starting to have more of a predictable schedule. Sleeping is still a struggle but we are starting to get to know our little boy and how to soothe him when he looses his mind. This past week he started with the giggling and we have been treated to a least one laugh fest every day for the past few days. 

Ben's internal timer just went off so that is all the update you get for today. I promise you won't have to wait 4 weeks for the next post! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

THIS is why people have two children.

I have no idea what happened to July or to blogging for the past 4 weeks. I have several posts all written and queued up to post so definitely look for more action around here in the next few days.  In the meantime...

This video captures one of the best moments of my life to date. I am not joking, not even a little bit.