Friday, July 29, 2011

We're goin' to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

and you can come too, too, too!

Every single Saturday Dingle says to me, "what do you want to do today?" My response is always the same, "Nothing. Everywhere will be super crowded because it's the weekend." So every weekend we stick close to home or visit with friends but rarely do we go on an outing. Every single weekend we always say, "why didn't we think to do _____ during the week?"

So Thursday I said to my lovely husband, "I want to do something tomorrow, as a family!" I called the library to find out what passes were available (they are often reserved weeks in advance) and much to my delight the zoo pass had a cancellation, yay! So this morning, in the drizzle (maybe why there was a cancellation, hmmm), we went to the zoo. Normally tickets are 13 dollars/adult, whoa...this is a small zoo we're talking about. But with the library pass we got in for 4 bucks, plus a 1 dollar donation so that Lily could get a sticker...that's how they get you.

The zoo is exactly what you might expect from a small New England zoo. Mostly local animals, a petting zoo, a playground, and a few "exotic" animals that look like they know they drew the short straw and ended up here. Lily had a great time, we all did for that matter. She was more interested in the other kids running around than trying to spot 1/8 of the leopard's tail...behind that rock...over there...where?...there!, but that is ok, I liked looking for the leopard. She liked the bears, the petting zoo, and the big slide at the playground. We of course got a picture with her (nick)namesake! It was definitely 5 bucks worth of fun, let's not forget there was a sticker!!

Did you spot the sticker? She is holding it in nearly every photo! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

If she wants more, she'll tell you!

I am totally not the kind of mother that sets out each day to teach their kids things. After all isn't that what school is for, geez. She can learn when she is five, I'm pretty sure that is when they start drilling kids with multiplication tables these days. What I mean of course, is that I let Lily do her own thing. I of course show her things, but if she isn't interested, then who cares. Examples:

Think putting blocks down your dress is better than building a tower, go for it. 
Sitting backwards on the bike seems like fun, more power to ya. 
You'd rather cuddle the book than read it, awesome. 
Wear the bunny ears on your neck and bark like a dog, I love it. 

All that being said I have been doing some signing in the last few months, which I really didn't think she was even watching. Until last week that is, when out of nowhere, she started using the sign for more. Fast forward a few days, in one sitting she used the signs for: all done, all gone, more, please, and thank you. I guess she had been paying attention, sneaky little devil. She had better stop being so observant or mommy is in big trouble! 

On our drive home from NY on Sunday we hit a lot of traffic. She was restless, hell...we were all restless. Dingle made an excellent suggestion that we detour to the Hebert Candy Mansion for some ice cream. In the video Lily not only demonstrates several signs, she also professes her love of hot fudge. I told you she was a smart girl.

(watch with the sound on if you can, it adds to the experience)

Monday, July 25, 2011

According to Lily

...anything with buttons is a phone.

 You should be expecting a call from our remote any minute.

talking on two "phones" at once! 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Headed to NY!

We are packing up the baby and the dog and heading to see our very favorite New Yorkers for the weekend. There we will: drink too many beers, stay up way too late, gain 5lbs, laugh until our cheeks hurt, take 1 million pictures, spend 25 dollars on tolls, and be smooshed.

I can't wait.

Monday, July 18, 2011

What happens when you try and teach your dog to swim??

Near our house is a large state park, there are lots of neat walking paths through the woods and a large quarry filled with water. We "discovered" this place last fall when Lily was still small enough to be carried in the front pack. A few times before it got too cold, and once after!, we took the dog there so he could run through the woods off the leash. At the time it was way too cold to even consider letting him go swimming, I sure as heck wasn't going in after him! This past weekend we decided it would be fun to go there together and see if Colby would swim. I regret that there are no pictures!!

Despite the very hot day, the lovely clear water, the gradual sandy bottom, the prospect of delicious sticks, and the eager encouragement of Dingle, the damn dog wouldn't set foot in the water. Ok, that is an exaggeration, he would literally set one foot in the water. Just when we were about to give up the biggest german shepherd I have ever seen in my life came charging down the bank and headed straight for Colby. I am not talking about Rin Tin Tin here people, this thing was a man eater. I grabbed Lily and ran for cover, again only slightly exaggerating. The owner seemed nice, also a big dude, and he offered to let his dog swim so that Colby could see how it is done. After several more minutes, and this man basically throwing my dog into the water, Colby was looking very displeased so we decided that was enough for one day. The two dogs then took off playing and Colby proceeded to roll in everything he could find, damn dog. Once the man-eating german shepherd was out of sight we tried in vain for several more minutes to encourage Colby to take a dip. Dingle even stood on a rock a few feet deep to try and lure him. Being the people-pleaser that he is, he went out on the rock and "let" Matt push him in. He didn't so much swim as slap frantically at the water with his paws. When he came out of the water he looked like a sad, skinny, ferret...wearing a soaking wet coat, three sizes to big. We decided enough really was enough and headed for the car.

Just in front of the parking lot is a big grassy area with some basketball courts. The dog was still pretty wet so we were throwing some sticks around to try and get him to dry off a little. At this point Lily wanted to be let down so I set her in the grass and she crawled off towards some clover. The next three seconds passed in slow motion. I saw the bee, I saw Lily's hand about to be set down on the bee, but there was nothing I could do. At first she didn't cry, only pulled her hand away in a surprised kind of way. I thought for a minute the bee had not stung her...and then a look of panic swept across her face. She held her breath for a moment longer and then began to howl! I scooped her up and rushed her back to the car so that I could take a look. The stinger was still stuck in her finger, poor baby. Thankfully there is a first aid kit, thank you Nissan, in the car so I was able to swipe the sting with a wipe and put some ointment on it. Dingle meanwhile googled what to look out for in terms of allergic reaction. Her poor litter finger became so swollen that she could not bend it.
She did not have any other symptoms, so we decided an ice cream would be the best medicine. Within a few minutes she had calmed down almost completely, I fed her ice cream all the way home.

So what happens when you try and teach your dog to swim, your kid gets their first bee sting!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

5th of July!

The blog is feeling neglected again. Poor blog.

So far July has been a great, full of summer time fun for sure.

We spent several days at home for the long 4th of July weekend (which I will write about soon). For now, I will post a few pictures from our fourth celebration at home, which technically took place on the 5th. While we were home we were bummed that we were going to miss the town fireworks here, luckily for us the weather wasn't cooperating and not only did we get to stay at home an extra day but we also got to go see the fireworks here as a family.

Lily was less than impressed by the fireworks themselves but she LOVED watching all of the kids, all of whom were hopped up on sugar and glow in the dark necklaces, run around like wild animals. The dog was just grateful we didn't leave him at home. Again this year a great time was had by makes it hard to want to leave our little beach-side town.

Friday, July 8, 2011

15 months!

Lily had her 15 month appointment yesterday. Talk about catching up!

Age: 15.1 months
Height: 30.25in (44%)
Weight: 21lbs 15oz (36%)
Weight for Height: 55%

She is walking more and more every day. For the most part she still won't go more than a few steps in the middle of the room but she is thinking about it. Yesterday she walked the length of her bedroom, thank you squishy carpet! Her vocabulary is exploding too. It really is as if a light bulb went off and now she gets that things have names. She tries really hard to imitate the sounds certain words make. The problem is, now she thinks she is being very clear by yelling Da or Do or Doo and I have no clue what she is "talking" about.

For your Friday viewing pleasure, here is a video of Lily playing with the new bunny! (We are bunny sitting while Kate is in AUS). It's long but some people complain that all my videos are too short so there you go :)

**No bunnies were harmed during the making of this video**