Friday, July 24, 2015

All about Hugh!

Happy Birthday and Happy Christening my sweet baby! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

You are ONE!

Dear Hugh,

My brown eyed boy, how did we ever get along without you? It seems like just yesterday that I was snuggling you in the relative peace and quiet of our hospital room. I was missing the bigs, but to be honest I was in my own personal heaven with you sleeping peacefully on my chest. One year later we still make time for those quiet snuggles where we can just be...blissfully content. I have enjoyed your first year so immensely that it is hard to imagine that it gets any better than this. And just when I start to feel a little emotionally overwhelmed by the cruelty of time you flash me a smile or squeak out a giggle that reminds me that no matter how old you are, I will always be your mom. My life's greatest privilege can be measured in kisses and hugs.

I can't say for certain whether it is out of nature or necessity but you are the most content little boy that I (or anyone else) has ever known. You have been known to sit on my lap for hours while we watch the big kids run and jump at the park, you regularly spend long periods of time playing happily in the "baby trap", and you tolerate hour long stints in the high chair while I beg Ben to finish his lunch. It really doesn't matter to you what we are doing, as long as you can sit back and take it all in. We have said since the day you were born that you are a very serious guy, and that remains true, but as you grow into a tiny person I see more and more personality every day. There's nothing wrong with making people work for that precious smile!

Lately you have found your giggle and will crack yourself up much to the delight of the rest of us. Your brother and sister have enjoyed your babyhood but I think they are each starting to get excited about the prospect of a new playmate. Lily is a very doting big sister and always wants you to "be careful". Ben often forgets that you are still little and before I know it he is tackling you to the ground or rolling over you with a train. For the most part you take their overzealous attention in stride. I will say you get very frustrated when the bigs race off without you. It will only be a matter of time until you can tag right along behind them.

Your laid back ways have meant that you are in no rush to hit any major milestones. You are a man of few words but you clearly understand a lot of what we say to you. Plus, you say "mama", and really what else do you need?!? You have finally ditched the wounded soldier in favor of a (speedy) crawl but you have very little interest in walking. You can push the walker but despite our enthusiastic cheers you will only do it for a few steps. You can wave but will usually only do it for a split second. You will not clap, point, or blow kisses...but like I said you just aren't that interested. To be honest, my littlest love, I'm in no rush either. One of your favorite things to do is lay with your head on the floor and push a car around in front of you. It is absolutely adorable and is almost more than my little heart can take. You are a paci man and love your wubbanubs, I am still pushing a blankie but we'll see if it sticks!

I really could sing your praises all day. You are a great eater, sleeper, and did I mention snuggler?? You bring me so much joy and as predicted I do not regret all of those hours of holding you when you were a tiny baby. As I watch you smile and dance to some little toy I just can not get over how sweet you are. Also, are you kidding me with those big brown eyes? Seriously, just stop. I am not one of those moms who thinks that all of their children are perfect, but you are pretty darn close! (I could live without the biting!)

I love you more than I ever thought possible. More than once I have been out in public with you and the bigs and a kind stranger has commented that I "really have my hands full." And every time it gets said all I can think is "you should see my heart."

I love you Hughtiepie.