About Me

I can be reached with questions and/or comments at growingupmaine@gmail.com

A list of randomness about the original wicked cool Mainer responsible for these Mainiacs:
  • I have a security blanket called blankie. It is not the same blanket I had as a baby, over the course of 30 years there have been many versions. There is really only one criteria, satin lining. I am not even a little ashamed of it and if you come over you will inevitably see it sitting on the couch or wrapped around my neck. 
  • I pick my kid's noses, frequently. 
  • Eating is something I do because I have to. I don't mean that in an "I have an eating disorder" sort of way - I just don't enjoy eating and/or food and would rather watch TV or google Hugh Jackman. 
  • I had a miscarriage. It sucked. 
  • I am convinced that some combination of Cooks Extra Dry Champagne and sleep deprivation has permanently destroyed my short term memory. 
  • I never pay full price and will not hesitate to embarrass you while we are out to dinner by busting out a coupon. 
  • I am only attracted to taller-than-average men and have never dated anyone under 6'2", despite the fact that I am only 5'3". I know that tall women everywhere just vowed to never again read my blog.  
  • I can't spell to save my life and am a terrible self editor. I guarantee you will find at least one typo in every post, despite the fact that I read them all no less than a dozen times. 
  • I am in love with Hugh Jackman but don't ever want to meet him because I know I would pee my pants or throw up. 
  • I REALLY hate throwing up. 
  • I smoke a cigarette once or twice a year even though I am way too smart to do something so stupid. I love every minute of it. 
  • I have a crush on Micheal Phelps, not to be confused with the true love I have for Hugh, and have it on high authority (in my imagination) that he reads my blog. 
  • I talk really loudly and shush my husband - who is not at all a loud talker.
  • I hate touching other peoples dirty dishes, including my family's. Even the thought of it makes me gag. Dirty diapers on the other hand do not bother me in the least. 
  • I knew with every fiber of my being that Lily was a girl long before any sonographer announced her gender. 
  • I am an above-average candle pin bowler. 
  • I like to fix things and am in general pretty handy around the house. 
  • My least favorite sound in the entire world is the sound of other people chewing or swallowing. It doesn't just gross me out, it makes me angry. In Hell I would be forced to listen to other people eat and then made to clean up their plates. 
  • During my first pregnancy I was diagnosed with elevated AFP (Alpha-fetoprotein). Lily's diagnosis after countless visits to the pediatric radiology department, Spina Bifida Occulta. (feel free to contact me with questions, I have done more than my share of research and would be happy to help if I can) 
  • I am allergic to the oils in black pepper corns and get a rash if I eat or touch them. 
  • I know every word to The Grinch and am super annoying to watch it with because I say every line out loud. 
  • I believe I caught an anxiety disorder from the dog. 


  1. I don't think I actually knew how much you hated people chewing or swallowing. That explains why random talks in our kitchen only involved wine and not food and wine. ;-)

  2. My god, you admitted that you, April Victoria, speak loudly, it's not just me all the time! And she probably hates the chewing thing because mom and I are so horrible at it.