Friday, November 15, 2013

Happiness is

The move is happening.

Getting pregnant easily is not.

To be honest there is a whole lot to stress about. A whole lot to agonize over and maybe even cry about.


There is always more to be happy about. Some days I have to try (really hard) (all day) to feel that way, but not today. Here are just some of the teeny tiny things that make me so happy I think my heart might actually burst.

Ben started saying "mama" on request two days ago. I have waited a loooooong time for those two little syllables. I just about die every single time.

My brother and sister will both be home for Thanksgiving

Lily is back to wearing a wool hat 18 hours a day. I hate it, but sort of love it.

We get to eat a lot of take out as we eat our way through the last of what is in the cupboards.

The sound of Ben sucking on his pacifier at night is awesome, right out of a cartoon.

Christmas in Maine and I don't have to pack a single bag.

I am the recipient of no less than 100 kisses every least a few of which are from my husband.

Lily's feet stink. Like stop you in your tacks, knock you down, bring tears to your eyes, stink. It is hilarious.

I will only ever clean this house one more time.

I have to go ask Ben to say mama, because it has been a least two hours since the last time I asked...he may or may not have been taking a nap during that time, but still, two hours is too long :)