101 Things

101 Things To Do In 1001 Days

Start date: August 16th 2011
End date: May 13th 2014

2. Sell our house and move to Maine
4. Give blood
5. Have professional family pictures taken
6. Visit a friend out of town
7. Go to a wedding
8. Send someone flowers
9. Have Lily baptized
11. Make a new recipe once a week for 2 months
12. Get a massage
14. Blog at least once a week for 6 months
15. Sign Lily up for a class at the Y (to be written) 
16. Drive stick 
17. Go to a lake
18. Meet a friend for dinner by myself
19. Knit something
20. Read 20 books
21. Get a pedicure
23. Host a party
24. Write a hand written letter to someone
25. Go to a movie
26. Go sledding
27. Donate clothes to a charity
29. Memorize a poem
30. Furminate the cats
31. Go camping
32. Go to Mt. Washington
33. Go to York's Wild Animal Kingdom
34. Pick strawberries
35. Bake a cake
36. Go to Santa's Village
37. Watch Kate graduate from college
39. Ride a bike
40. Take a ferry
41. Make smores 
42. Catch a fish
43. Teach the dog a new trick
45. Get away for the weekend with Matt
46. Golf with my Dad
47. Go to church every Sunday for a month 
48. Spend a day in Boston
49. Lay out by the pool with a beer
50. Take a class
51. Let Lily get REALLY dirty
52. Visit a winery 
53. Hug my brother
54. Make a calendar on shutterfly
55. Get a new cell phone
56. Tour Fenway Park (again)
57. Make our bed every day for a month
58. Get an "expensive" haircut
59. Snorkel
60. Watch Summer Olympics
61. Vote
62. Go to the Children's Museum
63. Help Lily make a father's day gift
64. Finish Lily's baby book
65. Go out for drinks
67. Do a blog hop
68. Call my Grammie
69. Buy a new purse
70. Go skiing
71. Steam clean the furniture
72. Sit by a fire and have hot cocoa
73. Make a new friend
74. Go to the dentist every 6 months
75. Take my sister shopping (to be written) 
76. Make a list of 101 things that make me happy
77. Write a letter to a company
78. Go kayaking
79. Compliment a stranger
80. Watch the last season of 24
81. Win something in a giveaway
82. Teach my mom to Skype (to be written) 
83. Grow something in a garden and then eat it
84. Eat fish once a week for a month 
85. Learn something new about my camera
86. Spend a weekend without using technology
87. Go a week without complaining 
88. Go to a Seadogs game
89. Donate a toy at Christmas
90. Build a blanket fort
91. Let Lily sleep in our bed
92. Have a beer with my brother and sister
93. Figure out "the best gift ever" for Matt
94. Fill all of my picture frames
95. Buy a piano
96. Do a jigsaw puzzle
97. Make breakfast in bed
98. Do the paloe diet for 7 days
99. Use my sewing machine to make something
100. Donate 5 dollars for ever goal I don't complete
101. Put away 5 dollars for every goal I do complete and then buy myself something
102...yeah that's right, say something! Blog about each accomplishment!