Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Baby #3 - 30 Weeks!

Wednesday, oops (again). 

We finally started a few house projects (Lily's room!) and I have been so excited to get stuff done that this past week just flew by. We are not the warriors we once were...the crazy kids that would paint in to the wee hours of the morning and then decide to change the no those people have been replaced. Now it is all we can do to muster the stamina to change out the ceiling fan all in one sitting. I will give us credit where credit is due, we have gotten a lot done this week considering I am 30 weeks pregnant, we have a 4 and 2 year old under foot, and Matt just started a new full time job. I will post before and after pictures as soon as we are done...(maybe).

I think I will skip the usual format this week and just ramble for awhile until I am done. I don't think that I have a ton to say but who knows.

I have no idea how much I am tipping the scales at these days but I know that I have officially gained as much weight now as I gained in total with Lily. I wouldn't be surprised if this little boy takes after his brother and ends up weighing 8lbs or more. Honestly, I have totally surrendered to the idea of having a third c-section. There is only one scenario under which my new OB has agreed to let me try to do it any other way. To avoid surgery I need to go into labor on my own after 36 but before 39 weeks, I need to progress on my own without pitocin, the baby must be head-down (obviously) and not "sunny side up" (both Lily and Ben were) pressure. Since the likelihood of the stars aligning is slim I will just set my sights on 7/21/14, my son's scheduled birthday! I sort of love that each number is a multiple of 7. I should be able to remember it but I'm not making any promises.

In other very exciting news the baby now has a name. We haven't really told anyone, my sister knows, so obviously I am not going to post it here. I will say I chose the middle name and nit picked every first name to the point of utter dismay, so Matt chose the first name. I like it, he loves it, and am thrilled to have made our decision. Naming babies is SO hard!

I am feeling pretty good. Allergies are brutal, even on the Zyrtec. For the first time in years I have actual hives. My body is freaking out. I know it will pass. I have lived through spring many times in fact, but now that the kids are sleeping so much better this assault really feels like a kick in the shin.

Oreos and coffee are proof that there is good in the world.

With less than 9 weeks to go I am both so excited and so not ready to meet this little boy. Despite the fact that this has been by far my most difficult pregnancy both physically and emotionally I still LOVE being pregnant and am not ready to be done (so stay put little one). I am not worried about a single thing, life is relatively easy, and soon I will have a flip flop tan that will hopefully last me until October.

Let's take a look at the bump, whoa.

30(ish) weeks with Lily 
29w5d with Benjamin
and now...
30w2d with baby #3

30(ish) weeks with Lily
29w5d with Benjamin
30w2d with baby #3

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Baby #3 - 29 Weeks!

Tuesday...not quite Monday but not as late was Wednesday!

Baby stats: Butternut squash :) Baby now weighs about 2.5 lbs and is 15 inches long. His skeleton is hardening, his brain is growing rapidly, and his nutritional needs are about at their peak.

Bump picture: Very few people I interact with can resist the urge to comment on my belly. I'm not sure if I think that is flattering or not, haha. More than one person has commented that I look like I have a (fill in the blank) ball under my shirt. I appreciate the sentiment, I think it is intended to be a compliment. It is almost big enough to rest a bowl of cereal on...I'd say give it two weeks.

How you doin'?: We are all still adjusting to having Matt home during the day. In some cases obviously it is SO much easier for me but I also like to have a routine and Matt definitely does not. It is great to have him here to help with tasks that are flexible as to when they get done (like yard work) but I am still in charge of just about everything that has to happen at a certain time (like school drop off). Admittedly, we have used the past two weeks to get a lot of stuff done (like car shopping and getting the dog to the groomer) that are not part of our normal routine. I'm not sure we even have a normal routine anymore.

My dad had hip surgery this past week and the kids and I have been his day nurses. It was actually the most adorable thing ever to see my little caretakers dote on their Grampy. When the actual day nurse came they both broke out their stethoscopes and made sure to mimic her every move. They helped with meals and monitored Grampy carefully while he did his exercises.

Allergies have officially hit and I am currently feeling pretty itchy. I am taking Zyrtec for the first time ever while pregnant and while I am not thrilled to be taking any medicine (I haven't taken so much as a Tylenol thus far) I know that I can not handle the alternative. I am hoping that I do not have to take it for long on account of the fact that spring is so late this year. Hopefully all of the trees will bloom all at once and although it will be a hellish two weeks at least it won't last long. Fingers crossed, I guess.

I had a fabulous Mother's Day thanks to my amazing husband who made all of the plans AND did the lions share of the wrangling all day. Almost nothing went as planned but that is a post in itself. Like I said, it was really wonderful.

Aversions/Cravings: Ice coffee (decaf for the most part), fruit, Oreo milkshakes!

Sleeping: So much better! It is unreal how much of a difference moving Ben into a real bed has made. I can't even remember the last time he got me up in the middle of the night. The kids are still getting up too early and running around the house like monkeys. We are working on it.

Movement: For the first time I noticed the baby's hiccups. I am sure he has had them all along but not so much that I have really noticed. Both of my other kids were very hiccup'y' babies. Also his movements are still borderline painful at times. He doesn't kick and punch as much as my other two, he stretches...his whole body. The pressure is intense and I am hoping it is just a phase. I do love feeling him move all day, even if it isn't always comfortable.

Milestones: I have my first Maine OB appointment tomorrow.

I am looking forward to: Getting the nursery ready, sun tanned feet, finally deciding on a new car!

Worries: This has absolutely nothing to do with the baby but my subconscious is totally preoccupied with ticks. I woke up at least three times in the middle of the night convinced I had one crawling on me. We have never lived in the woods and between the dog and the kids I spend half the day checking someone for ticks...more often than not I find at least one. It is gross and sort of scary and I am SO over it. I wouldn't even say I think about it that much during the day but like I said my subconscious is obsessed.

Let's compare: 

For the first time I am taking something for my allergies while pregnant or breastfeeding

Exercising less overall but I would like to think that keeping up with two kids is better than nothing.

Sleeping better than ever!

Best moment of the week: Waking up rested more than once!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Baby #3 - 28 Weeks!

Well hello Wednesday...I have no idea what happened to Monday or Tuesday. That actually isn't true. We had company on Monday night and I drove to MA for a doctor appointment yesterday. In any case, here we are, just a few days late.

Baby stats: About the size of an eggplant, baby boy is 2 1/4lbs. He can now open and close his eyes and will respond to stimuli outside of the womb such as bright lights or loud sounds. I can personally attest to the latter. At my appointment yesterday little man either loved or hated (tough to tell the difference at this point!) the sound of his own heartbeat on the doppler, he moved almost violently every time my OB really locked on to the sound.

Bump picture: It is safe to say that I officially have 'pregnancy hair'. I am not the only person to notice lately that it is fuller, thicker, and super shiny. Lord help me when it all falls out! My weirdo husband also insisted on a cat could I not post that?!?

The baby belly is large and in charge but despite how unflattering these pictures are I felt very light on my feet today. I have gained a few more pounds since my last appointment (which was only 2 weeks ago)...can't seem to rope that in...but I have been more active and eating better SO it is what it is.

How you doin'?:  I got my wish for sunshine which has been greatly appreciated. The kids and I are definitely feeling the start of allergy season but for the time being it isn't too terrible. The it!

Feeling great. As I mentioned last week the kids have been going through a lot of transitions (big boy beds and potty training) and now that Matt is working home we are all working on finding our new groove. On Saturday we had a great little birthday party for Mr. Benjamin. We had company Saturday night and Monday night so the grownups stayed up way too late and the kiddos got up before dawn. Well played children, well played.

I had my glucose test yesterday and much to my dismay the only flavor drink they had was orange. I have now had three different flavors (cola, fruit punch, and orange) and hands down cola is the best, orange is the worst! I actually had a brief moment of feeling like I might not keep it down. In the end I made it through and my blood sugar was 88, the lowest result I've had. I wasn't expecting a negative outcome but it is nice to have confirmation that everything is normal.

Yesterday also marked my last doctor's appointment in MA. I was not scheduled to see the OB who delivered Lily and Ben but after my appointment with the midwife I asked if he was around so that I could say goodbye. It was sad. He was gracious and kind as always. I made one last pitch for him making a 'visit' to Maine in July...can't blame a girl for trying.

Aversions/Cravings: Still can't eat enough red delicious apples. Tonight we had buffalo chicken spinach salad with fresh was simply delicious.

Sleeping: If it wasn't for Ben and Lily's recent shift to a 5am wake-up call we would all be sleeping great. Since moving Ben to a big boy bed he has not once called out to me in the middle of the night!! I will figure out how to keep them in bed longer...somehow.

Movement: Constant and at times painful. This kid has bony feet and elbows ;)

Milestones: I am definitely third trimester. I had my last MA dr appointment.

I am looking forward to: Meeting my new doctors. I think it will make this move to Maine feel very real!

Worries: This time next week my allergies should be in full force. I also had my first, premature labor thought yesterday while I was driving. Nothing I can do other than pray little boy stays put for at least 8 more weeks.

Let's compare: 

I am going through an uncomfortable phase which I know happened with each of my pregnancies, but I suspect it was further along.

I have gained more weight than either of my pregnancies up to this point. I suspect I will gain the most weight this time around.

Just like Ben this baby kicks/punches my hip bone, which is such a strange sensation!

Best moment of the week: Getting up on Monday morning and realizing that Matt didn't have to leave for the city!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Baby #3 - 27 weeks!

April is such a busy month around here! I have three drafts almost ready to publish (one of which is Ben's birthday letter (Hi buddy, Mommy didn't forget I promise)) but I am already a week behind on my bumpdate and if I don't get this one out today I might as well wait until Monday.

Baby stats: Over the past two weeks the baby has been packing on the pounds. He is up to 2lbs and 14.5 inches long. Developmentally his lungs are getting stronger and his brain is very active now. In theory he is sleeping and waking at regular intervals but given that he kicks me 24 hours a day I am certain that is not true!

Bump picture: The kids had their 2 and 4 year well kid checkups first things this morning...which meant we needed to be up and out of the house for the 90 minute drive to MA by 6:45. I am tired and my hair is frightening, but I happen to be wearing the same shirt as I was in my 25w pic so we might as well compare eh?!

Arg, tough to compare these two pictures since they are taken in 'similar' positions but not the same. I would retake it but I already changed into my jammies! I think I look a little rounder in the second one but that could just be the angle. I like how tall I look in the first one, haha. (Tall is something I am definitely not)

I have been getting a lot more looks and congratulations these last few weeks. We are currently seeking out the 'perfect car' (we are taking suggestions!) for a family of 5 with room for three car seats, and the baby bump has been a hot topic at the dealerships...apparently people think it is funny to see a pregnant gal climb around in the back of an SUV. I have officially gained 20lbs already (yikes!) but I am the first to admit that this factoid will surprise no one.

How you doin'?:  I am not one to complain about the weather. I do not torture myself by looking up the temps in places like Florida or Texas. I take what we are given and dress accordingly...BUT what the heck is going on with this never-ending-winter-freezing-spring-raining-again-today nightmare?!?!? I was so happy a few weeks ago when the sun was shining and temps were in the mid 50s, now those days seem like a distant memory. Bottom line I would really appreciate some sunshine. Please and thank you!

Other than the weather blues I am feeling good. Tired as usual, but pregnancy symptoms are still very minimal. One super strange thing that has been happening...lightning like pains in my feet when I step down from more than a few inches. I described it to my husband as "that feeling you got when you were a kid and you jumped off from something too tall barefoot." Whether or not he really knew what I was talking about, he said he did :) It just hurts and climbing in and out of SUVs really triggered it the other day. I'm sure it is nothing serious but it is a new one.

I told my OB that I would not be booking any more appointments at the practice after my glucose test next week. And promptly burst in to tears. (Side note: I also told the kids pediatrician today that we would not be back and also cried). I have been so fortunate to have such caring, well informed, supportive professionals take care of me and my babies for the past four years. Not just any four years either when you think about the fact that when I met each of them I was not a mom yet! The next set of docs have some pretty big shoes to fill.

In other other not related to the pregnancy per se news, Ben turned 2 yesterday. Holy wow.

Aversions/Cravings: Want to listen to me talk about how amazing food is, no? Seriously, all food is so good but my new favorite is red delicious apples. I have never liked sweet apples, ever, but now I can't stop myself from buying a whole bag every time I set foot (I typed FOOD instead of foot, I have a problem) in the store.

Sleeping: For the past few weeks Lily has been wearing undies to bed. For the past few weeks Lily has been wetting the bed (sometimes more than once) almost every night. For the past few get the pictures. I obviously hate sleep. Why else would I potty train my daughter, ever. Also we are going to have to get rid of Ben's paci sooner rather than later. Further proof the I obviously hate sleep.

Movement: Constant. Strong kicks and jabs all day. I think in the last few days the baby has rotated to a slightly more head down position which feels a lot more comfortable for both of us, if I do say so myself.

Milestones: I had my first stranger belly touch last weekend, haha. (And then a second one today by a 80 year old man at CVS) I actually don't really mind but I do think it is nuts that a stranger would think it was okay to reach out an touch my belly.

I'm not sure when third trimester officially starts...maybe I am already there??

I am looking forward to: Still feeling the nursery itch. Matt starts working from home full time next week! Watch out house projects I am coming for you. I would like to name my son, have I mentioned?!?

Worries: I am dragging my feet to find a new OB. I am worried that we don't really have time to have much of a relationship before the baby comes. Nothing I can do about that at this point, and when push comes to shove I'm not sure how much I really care. As long I go home with a healthy baby boy everything else is just details.

My wedding rings are getting a little tight...seems early for that nonsense! I did stop wearing them with each of my other pregnancies but much closer to delivery.

Let's compare: 

Carrying very similar to Ben, just bigger.

Almost no painful/negative pregnancy symptoms, like Lily.

Best moment of the week: Lots of highs and lows with the kids and their ever changing moods this past 10 days. I think the best moment was when I let Lily sleep in my bed last Thursday and just before she fell asleep she said, "I love you mommy, I love you baby." Since then I have noticed that she says I love you to the baby at least once a day. That kind of pure sweetest almost makes up for the 30 times per day that I think about locking myself in the bathroom to get away from her :)