Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lily's Christmas List!

Lily is VERY excited for Christmas this year. Okay, she has only a vague idea of what is going on but she is excited. We have been telling her all about Santa and she does an excellent Ho Ho Ho. She LOVES Christmas lights and I can't wait to see what she does when we bring in the tree. 

Several people have asked me what they can get Lily this year for under the tree. If you would like to buy Lily clothes she is currently wearing 18m but would appreciate some 24m clothes for later on this winter. The one thing she does not need is 18m fleece jammies, she has 2 pairs for every day of the week! Her shoe size is 5. 

If what you had in mind is more likely to bring giggles and a smile to her face on Christmas morning, here are a few things I think she would pick out for herself. All of these toys can be bought on (click here to see her "wishlist") and I am sure other places like target and toysrus. As of this weekend all of the toys below are on sale on amazon.

Little People Lil' Movers Airplane
Leapfrog shapes and sharing picnic basket

Little People Ice Cream Truck
Leapfrog Fridge Phonics Magnet Set
Little People Wheelies - All About Working Set

Leapfrog Fridge Farm Animal Set

Redbox Ice Cream Play Set 
Color Wonder - Book and Markers

A birdie told me that Santa is bringing her a play kitchen with food and pots and pans! The above are of course just a few things I saw that I think will get a lot of play time. With our luck she will spend most of the day playing with the boxes the toys come in!

(I have NO clue what is up with the formatting of this post, on my end it looks fine. Super annoying) 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Picture Fail!

I honestly don't know what happened. I took 7 pictures this past week at home. SEVEN. And they're not even that good, ugh! I will do better at Christmas, I promise.

I think it all started on Tuesday when we tried to take a bump picture and Lily wanted NO part of it. Not only did she not want to be in the picture but she wouldn't let me put her down to take the picture either.

17w: low rise jeans and (technically) non-maternity shirt
Such a grouch! 
For Thanksgiving dinner Lily ate 30 crackers and exactly 8 peas...

As is tradition we were lucky enough to be treated to two Thanksgiving dinners. (I personally do not like the food but it makes me happy to see other people (Dingle) SO excited to eat!) As an extra bonus we managed to get over to see Jen and family on Friday! My brother and sister were missed but I am so freaking excited for Christmas I may not sleep between now and then. All in all we had a nice trip home and feel so lucky to have so much family that loves us and wants to keep us around :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful for sure!

This past weekend marked a pretty disgusting first for our little family. For the first time our house was invaded by a stomach bug. By no small miracle I seemed to have dodged this one. I honestly don't know what we would have done if we were all that sick for three days. I will spare you the details (this time) and just say that I was so relieved to be greeted by a happy baby and a happy husband this morning. Not having to do a load of laundry before breakfast is always a good sign.

Now that everyone seems to be on the road to recovery our annual trip to Maine for Thanksgiving is officially on. As I look around my disaster of a house (which I really should be cleaning now) I am trying to remain positive and thankful for all that we have. 

Thanksgiving 2010
What a difference a year makes! 

This has been a both a wonderful and excruciatingly painful year. We have had SO so many wonderful milestones since last Thanksgiving. I am so thankful to have a wonderful husband who works so hard to provide for us so that I can stay home with Lily. I am thankful for a toddler who is happy and healthy and spends her days showering me with kisses and hugs. I am thankful to have another miracle baby on the way and pray that he/she is healthy. As I type this Dingle and I are sitting on the couch with a little muffin in between us. Life is good and we have so much to be thankful for...the messy house can wait. 

Safe travels wherever this week may take you and Happy Thanksgiving! 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

At the grocery store...

I went out on Tuesday to run a few errands and Dingle stayed home with Lily. My last stop was the grocery store to pick up a few (dozen) things I had forgotten when I shopped the previous Friday. Pregnancy brain is real people.

(Short aside. Friday was Verteran's Day, which I totally knew before leaving the house but did not stop to think about what that would mean to my errands. I will NEVER go to the grocery store on a school holiday ever again! If I wanted to be at the store with 1.5 million over stressed mothers and their indescribably bratty children, I would shop exclusively at Market Basket on Saturday afternoons.)

Anyway back to my story. So there I am in the checkout line, kid free, and reviling in the fact that I had the whole store to myself with the exception of a few lovely ladies in their 70s. As you can see from my bump watch photos, I have definitely started to show, which makes what happened next that much funnier (or maybe more tragic). The 70 year old lady in front of me, who told me her name was May (cue delightful exchange about month names), was more interested in making chit chat than having her groceries checked out so I had plenty of time to arrange all of my items on the belt before it was my turn. I had the following items:

Hot dogs, bacon, a single tomato, two bananas, lettuce, a deli pickle, rice, 1/2 gallon of whole milk, bread, graham crackers, a frozen pizza, and three bags of M&Ms (buy one get two free!).

Out of the blue the woman behind me in line said loudly, "Those are the groceries of a single gal if I have even seen them!"

Cue startled looks from May and cashier...

I turned so she could see my belly and in sort of a pathetic laugh said, "No, these are the groceries of a very much not single gal with a toddler at home and one on the way who can't remember to buy a dozen of the things she needs on her first trip out to the store."

She put her hand on my arm and said, "Happens to me all the time!" Everyone laughed and we all went on our way. When I got home and laid out what I had bought all I could think was, she had a point...what was I buying?!?!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's that, I can't hear you over the pounding in my head.

It is no secret that I love being pregnant. I am one of those annoying women who actually glow (I know, eye roll). I love maternity fashion and nothing makes me happier than showing off my bump. Although my pregnancy with Lil was not without its stress, for the most part I really had few symptoms. In fact, in more ways than one, I was super human!

When I was pregnant with Lily I was working full time as a 7th grade science teacher. Teaching, no matter what grade, is dirty work. It is a fact, and I am a scientist so you have to believe me, that everything within a 1 mile radius of any school is covered in a thin film of streptococcus, influenza, and a dash of bacterial conjunctivitis. I was warned repeatedly that pregnancy suppresses a woman's immune system and that I would have to be extra diligent to avoid getting the plague. Anyone want to guess how many times I was sick that year? ZERO. Not so much as a sniffle.

Not only is working at a school mentally and physically demanding but damn, it is loud. Not just regular loud, LOUD loud. Mind numbingly LOUD. Headaches were par for the course and I knew very few staff members who didn't keep some kind of emergency headache remedy in their desk drawer. Anyone care to guess how many headaches I had the school year I was pregnant? NONE. Not a single headache. (My first year teaching I had a headache for 22 consecutive days and was put on three different migraine meds)

All of this brings me to the title of this post, I have a headache. I know I mentioned it the other day, but yowza my head hurts. Every single one of my migraine triggers (being over-tired, bright lights, strong smells, loud noises, dehydration, and riding in the car) seems to equal instantaneous pain, of the eye melting variety. Unfortunately, many of my triggers go hand in hand with having a toddler. Last week I drove Lily in the rain (cue bright headlights and riding in the car) to tot gym, which is literally 5 minutes down the road. Inside the gym, more blinding lights, a gaggle of screaming kiddos, floors that had recently been cleaned, and it was all I could do to drive us home an hour later. This weekend I spend most of Saturday either in bed or on my mom's couch. Last night I went to bed at 9:30 and I am pretty sure there was involuntary crying (something that happens when I get migraines that I really can't explain). Today Dingle was trying to be helpful by cleaning a stain on the living room carpet and I ended up spending 3 hours in bed...just from the smell of the cleaner.

I want nothing more than to enjoy this pregnancy but I am really struggling. I can't take my migraine meds, or ibuprofen. Two Tylenol and a kick of caffeine take the edge off, but they certainly do not get rid of the pain. At this point I am almost at a loss for what to do. Every day I just can't believe I still have a headache...and that they seem to be getting worse is just beyond me.

They can't go on much longer, right...