Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I sit on the potty and nobody knows about the poop song...

We have been having so much fun for the past few weeks! More posts to come!

Ben turns 4 months old tomorrow, can you even believe it?!? I will take some cute photos and post a longer update in the next few days. Fair warning his 4 month appointment isn't until the end of next week so I won't have his stats until then. 

For now I can tell you about two very exciting MILESTONES!!!

First, miss Lily has decided that she would very much like to PEE on the POTTY!! I had absolutely zero intention of potty training her until we get back from Florida in October. I mean really, who wants to be on a 3 hour flight with a toddler who will likely pee every 15 minutes? Not to mention I have no interest in using every public restroom between here and Ft. me crazy. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans and as usual Lily has her own agenda. 
Support system. 

Her first successful pee was last Tuesday (8/21)! I think my overly joyous celebration scared her a little, luckily there were also jelly beans! 

I swear I really don't let the baby watch TV...too often.
(also there is a whole lot of funny in this picture if you look for it.)

Since then we have really upped then ante. I have a basket of toys and candy all ready to distribute. Of course she is a little more obsessed interested in the rewards than the actual act of using the potty, but hey, it is a basket of toys and candy...I can't say that I blame her. 

While in NH for the weekend we did a little tax free shopping and picked up this amazing hunk of plastic nonsense! It was supposed to be a Christmas present but upon seeing it (careless mommy) Lily's little head exploded and I blurted out, "Yup, if you poop on the potty it is yours!" So there you go, bribery at its best. 

A few years ago Matt wrote a little ditty that goes like this:
I sit on the potty and nobody knows about the poop song, 
Come on everybody and sing with me! 

Anyone care to guess how many time I have sung it in the last few days!?!

I still don't really think she will be potty trained by the time we leave for Florida but we'll play it by ear. I have looked in to various potty training methods and just might give one an honest go this weekend. 

Not to be outdone by his amazing big sister, Ben decided a milestone of his own was in order. Yesterday (8/28) he rolled from back to belly. What a swell guy! 


  1. Busy, busy. I guess when a kid is ready, a kid is ready. Hope the bribery can slow down a bit before FL. Having to carry candy and toys into every public restroom could get old. ;-)

  2. Go, Lily, Go!!! The excitement of potty training is seriously so exhilarating. Love NOT changing two diapers!

  3. While a serious milestone, Lily is going to hate you in 15 years when she sees these.

  4. You could do what my aunt Pat did with my cousin lauren, and keep a bucket in the back for her to go in while on the road so that she doesn't go to the public restrooms. although I wouldn't recommend it. I like my cousin lauren but she's kindanot your normal gal, and i blame the bucket. I love that shes naked, in front of the tv but has shoes on! lastly, yay for Benjamin!