Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Is it too late to talk about Halloween??

I know that Halloween was two weeks ago but for posterity sake...well you know. 

Look closely. 

I literally cannot believe how much the kids look alike. I don't think that either of the kids look like me or Matt in particular (though they look much more like Matt) but they certainly belong to each other.
(Lily on top/Ben on bottom)

Halloween was a blast. The kids were adorable, and photogenic, and just all kinds of wonderful. Lily loved every part of it. I was a little worried because I had tried to talk to her about it a few days in advance, and she was adamant that she did not want to wear a costume. Turns out she didn't understand what a costume was. I have no idea what she thought a costume was, but her little head almost exploded when I busted out the yellow and black tutu.

I did not pose this child, this was all her. 

 There was a lot of snuggling. I do not hate that this is Lily's new favorite thing to do. Not even a little bit.

There was a costume change. Lily wore both the pumpkin and the cow when she was six months and since Ben wants to do everything that Lily does...

Like I said, he wants to be just like Lily. 

A few more shots on the deck before dinner to bring the photo total to an even 371.

Before we headed out for a little trick or treating a healthy dinner was had. I know what you are thinking....Mother of the Year! 

The weather was relatively mild given that Hurricane Sandy had just come through only two days before. (If we hadn't lost the tree last winter there is no way it would still be standing. We were so lucky to suffer very little damage from Sandy, and our thoughts and prayers have certainly been with those that were not as fortunate.) I only had to threaten Lily twice during dinner to finish all of those peas and carrots. Before toooo looonnng - the girl loves to drag out a meal these days - we hit the streets. And by streets, I mean our street only. 

Ben LOVES the ergo carrier these days, and I have to admit it really is comfortable to wear. Anyway, we all visited with the neighbors and got a little candy before heading home to pass out candy of our own. This was our fifth Halloween in our house. Not once in the past four years have I purchased the right amount of candy, and this year was no exception. Seriously it is like feast or famine, and I end up with 50lbs of extra candy or we have to turn out the light at 7:15. This was a 7:15 kind of year, poor kids.

Lily loved handing out candy. It may have been because Matt and I are excellent parents raising a generous and loving young lady who finds joy by giving to others. A less likely explanation is that I let her have two lollipops at once and she was so drunk with power (and sugar) that she would have given away the cats if I had let her.

And immediately after the last picture of the night was taken, she had a pee pee accident...in my lap. Happy Halloween indeed!


  1. Seriously, I've said it a hundred times before and I am sure I will say it a million more times throughout my lifetime... cutest kids ever, no question.
    Love, Aunt Becky :)

  2. dying over the idea of Lily peeing in your lap after that photo. Priceless! Also, CUTE kids!! ;)

  3. ha ha ha. thanks for the laugh. and of course the cutest pictures!