Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tis the Season

Christmas is in full swing around here. With two shining little faces this year it is impossible not to get caught up in the holiday spirit. It is hard to believe that this will be Lily's third Christmas. Wow. 

Last year Lily was so thrilled by all of the simple and magical things that make this time of year so awesome. Without getting so sappy that you actually gag, she really was so innocent, and I hope I never forget just how sweet she was. Did you gag? Sorry. Anyway, this time last year she didn't really understand presents or Santa, but as far as she was concerned twinkle lights were a gift sent straight from heaven. I was pregnant with Ben, and Matt was working an obscene number of hours (read: we were both exhausted), so we kept things simple and didn't really go all out when it came to decorating. Lily was so easily impressed by lights that I didn't really feel all that guilty that we didn't even put ornaments on the tree. 

This year, we really decked the halls...because Lily LOVED everything she came across. Every do-dad and trinket was her new favorite and she just had to display them all. It was such a treat to watch her little expression change when she came across something she had never seen. Fear not, we have more surprises for next year!

For some reason I only took pictures of the tree so you'll have to take my word for it that we did put out many other decorations! 

(Side note about the tree: It stopped drinking water approximately 30 seconds after entering our house - awesome. It should look excellent a few weeks from now. Nothing like taking the tree out of the house one vacuum cleaner canister at a time!) 

So much holiday fun coming up in the next few weeks. This year I scored coveted tickets to "Breakfast with Santa"!! I can hardly contain my squealing. We are heading to Edaville to ride the Christmas train. Cookies will be decorated, carols will be sung, The Grinch will be watched repeatedly, and reindeer jammies will be worn. I might just be too excited to sleep! 


  1. When seeing our tree my wonderful son said "look, mama, Christmas. Where are the presents." Looks like we need to start discussing the real meaning with the two year old. Can only imagine how excited Lily is this year. Xoxo

  2. i'm somewhat envious of this amount of sweetness, including "mama, where are the presents?" i'm so far removed from the christmas spirit, even the grinch has more spirit than me. live you sleeves.