Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy 2013!

...and we're back!

Per usual I dropped off the grid when we headed home for Christmas. This year my vacation from the internet was extended on both ends. After the tragedy that took place in Connecticut, I just couldn't bring myself to go online or watch the news. To be honest, I can't name the shooter or any of the victims, but I have been praying for those families every day since. I just can't bear the details. After we initially heard the news I shut my laptop, hugged my kids, and then spent the last two weeks of December spending quality time with the people I love.

As for my absence since Christmas...all I can say is that we have all been transitioning back to the real world, and none of us is handling it particularly well. I have been feeling worn down and lonely. It is hard (read: exhausting/daunting/at times downright awful) to shuffle the kids all around during the holidays, but in a lot of ways it is harder to be home alone with them again. Lily is acting like an attention-starved-fire-breathing dragon. Ben has had a cold for the past two weeks (which he gave to EVERYONE in Maine) so his nighttime sleeping habits have returned to "cruel joke" status. Matt is back to working his contract job while simultaneously trying to interview, AND keep all of his plates spinning with his own software company. In short, the new year is sort of kicking our asses a bit. I know it is only temporary but it has been a ragged start to 2013.

I have my Christmas post more than half written. Ben's 8 month post, though it will be a full week overdue is almost done as well. I just need to go through the 800 pictures I took in Maine and add some of them to the posts.

As for the rest of this post, (an idea I totally stole from Julia) I present you with our year-in-review!


I looked like this!
Lily's hair looked like this! 

We lost our beautiful tree...and the power for a few days.


Lily moved into the worlds most perfect big girl bed!

Matt snapped my favorite picture of all time.


Lily turned 2!
I turned 31!

We became a foursome. 


Everyone tried to get some sleep...well everyone except Ben. 

Ben took his first trip to Maine!

We went on A LOT of walks. 


We went to Maine again, this time there were strawberries! 

We had a lot of visitors! 
No one slept a wink...

...but Ben made up for it with this! 


We celebrated the 4th of July! 

Look more Maine! This time a day at the lake!! 

We made sure to get plenty of use out of the pool. 


What can I say we love Maine! Made time to toast with good friends...
....and cruised off into the sunset. 

Made the loooong drive to Santa's Village! SO worth it! 

Lily decided it was time to lose the diaper! 

We had some family pictures taken. 

Matt turned 30!

We went to Florida. 

Halloween (my favorite pictures of the entire year)


Ben got his first two teeth! 
Thanksgiving in Maine

Ben's first Christmas Tree
Breakfast with Santa 

And it really is only fitting...Maine for Christmas. 

God truly blessed my family in 2012. Here is to a happy, healthy, and equally blessed 2013! 

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  1. Amazing how much children change in a year. Love you all!