Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A birthday fit for a princess.

Lily had to share her birthday with Easter this year. I mean I supposed there are worse things than sharing a party with the Easter bunny and the resurrection of Jesus, but I still felt a little lame doubling down on the holiday weekend. It is the curse of having an April birthday, and with so many April birthdays under one roof it is inevitable that one of us will have to share the spotlight on our special day.

As I mentioned in a previous post Lily received no less than 6 princess themed gifts for her birthday. For several days she wore them all at once. My only rule on the subject is that she may not wear more than one tutu out of the house at once. I also had to have a very difficult talk with her about the risks of eating while princessing...a hard lesson learned after I was unable to get a tomato sauce stain out of her purple fairy dress.

Her birthday week extravaganza kicked off with a trip to her favorite playground. It was downright cold so I wore Ben in the pack and did my best not to look completely miserable. I think she was cold too but knowing better than to admit it, repeatedly told me she was having fun...even when I hadn't asked. Friday through Sunday were spent in Maine. The weather was nice and she was thoroughly spoiled by both sets of grandparents. On Monday I took her out to lunch at Panera and she had her favorite mac n' cheese. Tuesday was a quiet day at home, I had intended to take her on some sort of outing but it was literally 20 degrees out and I just couldn't muster the necessary enthusiasm. In lieu of an outing I let her watch the Tigger Movie while Ben took his afternoon nap and we made cupcakes to take to her playdate the following day.

On Wednesday Matt went to work early so that he could be home in time for dinner. It was a great idea in theory but I think we were all a little sad that Daddy wasn't there to say happy birthday first thing in the morning. I took some pretty hilarious pictures and made her pancakes for breakfast. In the afternoon Daddy arrived with balloons and her new carebear (only after locking the keys to his car in his own trunk at the grocery store and literally running home, excellent). I had a pink cheer bear when I was a little girl. It is neat to see them side by side.

A friend of mine was kind enough to offer up her amazing playroom for a very small party with a few of Lily's fiends from music class. The kids all played and ate cupcakes.  It was very low key and exactly what Lily had requested.

Consider this three year old officially one happy little girl. Birthday week extravaganza, nailed it! 

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