Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Baby #3 - 28 Weeks!

Well hello Wednesday...I have no idea what happened to Monday or Tuesday. That actually isn't true. We had company on Monday night and I drove to MA for a doctor appointment yesterday. In any case, here we are, just a few days late.

Baby stats: About the size of an eggplant, baby boy is 2 1/4lbs. He can now open and close his eyes and will respond to stimuli outside of the womb such as bright lights or loud sounds. I can personally attest to the latter. At my appointment yesterday little man either loved or hated (tough to tell the difference at this point!) the sound of his own heartbeat on the doppler, he moved almost violently every time my OB really locked on to the sound.

Bump picture: It is safe to say that I officially have 'pregnancy hair'. I am not the only person to notice lately that it is fuller, thicker, and super shiny. Lord help me when it all falls out! My weirdo husband also insisted on a cat could I not post that?!?

The baby belly is large and in charge but despite how unflattering these pictures are I felt very light on my feet today. I have gained a few more pounds since my last appointment (which was only 2 weeks ago)...can't seem to rope that in...but I have been more active and eating better SO it is what it is.

How you doin'?:  I got my wish for sunshine which has been greatly appreciated. The kids and I are definitely feeling the start of allergy season but for the time being it isn't too terrible. The it!

Feeling great. As I mentioned last week the kids have been going through a lot of transitions (big boy beds and potty training) and now that Matt is working home we are all working on finding our new groove. On Saturday we had a great little birthday party for Mr. Benjamin. We had company Saturday night and Monday night so the grownups stayed up way too late and the kiddos got up before dawn. Well played children, well played.

I had my glucose test yesterday and much to my dismay the only flavor drink they had was orange. I have now had three different flavors (cola, fruit punch, and orange) and hands down cola is the best, orange is the worst! I actually had a brief moment of feeling like I might not keep it down. In the end I made it through and my blood sugar was 88, the lowest result I've had. I wasn't expecting a negative outcome but it is nice to have confirmation that everything is normal.

Yesterday also marked my last doctor's appointment in MA. I was not scheduled to see the OB who delivered Lily and Ben but after my appointment with the midwife I asked if he was around so that I could say goodbye. It was sad. He was gracious and kind as always. I made one last pitch for him making a 'visit' to Maine in July...can't blame a girl for trying.

Aversions/Cravings: Still can't eat enough red delicious apples. Tonight we had buffalo chicken spinach salad with fresh was simply delicious.

Sleeping: If it wasn't for Ben and Lily's recent shift to a 5am wake-up call we would all be sleeping great. Since moving Ben to a big boy bed he has not once called out to me in the middle of the night!! I will figure out how to keep them in bed longer...somehow.

Movement: Constant and at times painful. This kid has bony feet and elbows ;)

Milestones: I am definitely third trimester. I had my last MA dr appointment.

I am looking forward to: Meeting my new doctors. I think it will make this move to Maine feel very real!

Worries: This time next week my allergies should be in full force. I also had my first, premature labor thought yesterday while I was driving. Nothing I can do other than pray little boy stays put for at least 8 more weeks.

Let's compare: 

I am going through an uncomfortable phase which I know happened with each of my pregnancies, but I suspect it was further along.

I have gained more weight than either of my pregnancies up to this point. I suspect I will gain the most weight this time around.

Just like Ben this baby kicks/punches my hip bone, which is such a strange sensation!

Best moment of the week: Getting up on Monday morning and realizing that Matt didn't have to leave for the city!

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  1. Your bump is freaking awesome. And I'm so happy that you guys have Matt back at home now!!