Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Poor neglected blog...

We have been doing our best to keep busy in spite of the never ending oppression that is calling itself "winter". In the 29 years I have lived in New England I can't remember a winter like this one. Three weeks in a row I have had to cancel plans because we were having ANOTHER SNOW STORM!!

Last week we were granted a break and over the last few days have actually seen some melt, now everything is brown and nasty...thats what I call progress! Over the weekend we visited both sets of parents in Maine (where there is significantly less snow). What can I say about going home?  I am grateful that Lily has two sets of grandparents who love her so much and maybe I should leave it at that.

Yesterday I got my hair cut for the first time since Lily was born. Let me start by saying that I had 7 strands of baby fine hair before I got pregnant. While I was pregnant that number doubled to 14... postpartum 10 of them fell out. What I have been left with is just cruel. To make matters worse the "new hair" that is growing in, is coming in along my forehead and along my part. I have 1 inch spikes, spiky spikes, spiking up, all over my head. There is no other way to describe it. I could have splurged and gone to a salon but my hair is a lost cause, so we went to Supercuts. Dingle gets his hair cut there all the time and it usually turns out just fine. I should have known not to let this dude cut my hair when he wouldn't shut up about how much "breakage" I had...dude that is new hair, not breakage! Yesterday we walked out of there with two of the worst haircuts I have ever seen, Mr. Hedgehog and Mrs. Mullet. AWESOME. Oh, and Happy Valentines Day! Good thing we already love each other is all I'm sayin'.

Last night we skyped with my brother Josh, who is a peace corp volunteer living in Paraguay. I have to say that overall his living situation far surpasses my expectations. Soon he will have a small place of his own with four walls, a bed, and a gas stove...better than a mud hut. He used some of his startup allowance (or maybe his savings) to buy a netbook. He has the INTERNET in PARAGUAY, who knew? He is doing well, a hell of a lot better than I would be doing. He asked Lily to be his Valentine, which was hands down the cutest thing that has ever happened.

Today we ran some errands, with mixed results. It was cold, cold, cold, and windy, and cold. It is hard to lug Lily around in the winter. We ended our day with a playdate at the library with Vicki and Griffin. The kids are so cute together.  As I mentioned the other day, Lily has been perfecting her kissing skills. Let's just say Lily and Griffin made it to first base more than once today, which was adorable. Then Griffin tried to lift up Lily's dress, hilarious. Vicki and I joked about whether or not we could blog about what happened next, obviously I decided the answer was yes. There is no other way to describe it...there was dry humping. (There you go Vicki, I said it...haha)  Griff climbed on top of Lil and started bouncing up and down, all the while Lily laughed manically. This is why people have babies, for moments like that. Oh. My. God. Vicki and I, being the responsible mothers that we are, rolled around on the floor laughing, kicking ourselves for not having our cameras. A good time was had by all!!

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  1. Ethan is heartbroken, but I guess he should have expected that lily would start off with an older, more experienced man. He still has high hopes for a future with lily, but he may need some time to think about things.