Monday, March 28, 2011

a playroom and a man cave

Now that Lily is a speed racer on all fours we can no longer put off converting the front room from an office into a playroom.  Earlier this winter we redid the guest room on a whim.

We painted the entire room white, added a mossy green accent wall, new linens, new sconces, and a few decorative pieces. I was so proud of how it turned out! I forgot to take any before pics (sorry) but for those of you who have been upstairs or stayed in that room, it hadn't changed since we painted it mauve when we first moved in three years ago :)

Now we are taking on the office. OH MY! The office had become the dumping ground for everything that lacked a home. Junk mail from 2007, check! A giant stuffed dog that colby used to get "friendly" with, check! Swing Lily hasn't used since September, check! Nine million pieces of scrap paper with "a beautiful mind"-esque doodles all over them, check! Ugh, it was getting really bad. So bad that I swear I saw an actual dust dinosaur run by while we were moving the bookshelf. Again, I forgot to take full on before pics...but I remembered half way through. Behold!
most of the stuff from the office
now in the living room!

the desk still has to go!

The plan is to banish Matt and his crap, I mean office supplies, to the basement. He has been down there for the past two hours doing god knows what. What happens in the man cave stays in the man cave. Now he can watch Battle Star Galactica all day under the ruse that he is "working". I am just so happy that Coo Coo will have a room of her own and we get our sunroom back! Another plus, no TV for the tot :)

The office is painted baby blue and we are going to leave it. The design all started with this fantastic rug. It is perfect and exactly what I had in mind! We are going with blue, purple and green...with a few pink accents here and there. While Matt feels that we are destined to have all girls, I am trying to rein in the girly girlness of it all!

We bought this bookshelf and plan to turn it on it's side so that Lil can reach all the cubbies.
Add a few pink bins from ikea... two green and a purple from
We bought this at Millstores with a really old store credit (read: we considered it free), my dad is toiling away painting it white in time for Lily's birthday next weekend. 

The best part, and I still can't believe Matt agreed to this...we are painting a tree on the wall!! I am so excited!! I completely stole the idea, and might have to delete my account with because I want everything I see, but I am in love! 

We only have four days to get everything done before Lily's parties this weekend! I will post pics as soon as we are finished! 

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  1. I love it all! I love wall mural things and those stick on ones you can get through Etsy, etc. Can't wait to see it in person. :-)