Friday, March 4, 2011

away we go!

Did I mention that having a baby changes everything?

I was on the phone with a friend last night trying to arrange rides to and from the airport. Turns out I am not a huge fan of the idea of putting Lily's car seat in the back of a cab. So my friend says, "Have you chosen and packed all of your outfits yet?" Haha. For years when Matt and I went to Florida we would shop together for new clothes. I would bring 20 outfits, complete with no less than 10 pairs of shoes for a 7 day trip. EVERY day I had to wear more than one outfit just to make sure I wore almost everything I packed. This time Lily and I are sharing my suitcase and I hope I don't forget to bring myself one pair of flip flops. Don't be surprised if I am wearing sneakers on the beach in every picture. 

Next she says, "Have you guys been going tanning?" Haha. Anothing pre-vaca activity we used to do together. Yes, my husband used to go year we jogged to and from the tanning place together every other day, but that was a million years ago.  I am SCARY pale and I apologize in advance for my blindingly white legs in our vacation photos. Maybe you should just focus your attention on the sneakers. 

For the past week Lil and I have been sick with colds and pink eye so packing and planning our trip has seemed like a ton of work. I have made lists. You know the kind where you have already done some of the stuff so that you can cross stuff off before you start. Some list items are important: get cat sitter. Some items are just plain stupid: pack diapers. Do they not sell diapers in Florida?? 

Yesterday I set out to buy some things for Lily to have on the plane. I am bracing myself for the worst hell imaginable. You guys, we are totally going to be those people on the plane. Those people that you hate and give dirty looks even though you feel bad for them. Matt and I did something a little risky and booked a window seat and an aisle seat, praying that no one would chose the middle seat in between us. I know. I know. We figured worse case scenario we would offer the window or the aisle to whoever gets stuck with that middle seat. Well, as of last night we were still in the clear. As of 5 minutes ago, someone has booked that seat. Crap. 

I still have some cleaning and laundry to finish...and all of the packing. We will be gone until the 17th. At the very least we will have some good stories to tell. 

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  1. Have a great trip! I am sure Lily will charm your fellow airplane travelers. I would have guessed that she is the one with twice as many clothes as she would need so she can learn young what you must do to prepare for a good vacation. :-)