Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Picture Fail!

I honestly don't know what happened. I took 7 pictures this past week at home. SEVEN. And they're not even that good, ugh! I will do better at Christmas, I promise.

I think it all started on Tuesday when we tried to take a bump picture and Lily wanted NO part of it. Not only did she not want to be in the picture but she wouldn't let me put her down to take the picture either.

17w: low rise jeans and (technically) non-maternity shirt
Such a grouch! 
For Thanksgiving dinner Lily ate 30 crackers and exactly 8 peas...

As is tradition we were lucky enough to be treated to two Thanksgiving dinners. (I personally do not like the food but it makes me happy to see other people (Dingle) SO excited to eat!) As an extra bonus we managed to get over to see Jen and family on Friday! My brother and sister were missed but I am so freaking excited for Christmas I may not sleep between now and then. All in all we had a nice trip home and feel so lucky to have so much family that loves us and wants to keep us around :)

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  1. shes so cute! i'm so excited to have your brother and sister home too!! i'm with you on the thanksgiving food. but its nice that everyone else is so happy. you look great momma!!! i miss you and very envious that Jen got to see you, and that i have to wait so long to see you again. miss you all.