Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Caged animal

I literally can NOT believe I am still pregnant. I mean that not as a complaint, simply a statement of fact.

Every five minutes I look down at my belly and yell, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!?" - Okay maybe I don't actually yell, or maybe I do.

When I was pregnant with Lily I had absolutely no "early labor" signs. I was also working full time and trying my damnedest to work right up until my due date. Lily was born at 40w6d, only after I was induced for low fluid the day before. In other words, she wasn't going anywhere on her own. This time around I have been having these phantom labor signs for 10 days. On three separate occasions in the last 5 days I have had contractions 10 minutes a part for an hour, only to have them stop completely. Of course two of those occasions were in the middle of the night. Anyone care to guess how much Lily cares that mommy didn't sleep the night before? Ha. Point being, it is starting to mess with my head.

I like being pregnant and if I didn't feel like I was on a slow death march to my scheduled c-section I would happily carry the baby well into next week. But I do have a deadline and I am starting to feel like I am running out of time. Adding to the caged feeling, every tree in my neighborhood is trying to kill me in full bloom. It is commonly known by my friends and family that my allergies are no joke. During my allergy test a few years ago the nurse thought she was going to have to send me to the ER in an ambulance when my arm blew up to three times its normal size after she administered the prick test. Instead, I passed out and was given a cortisone shot intended for someone twice my size...and then I threw up! Maple, Oak and Pine are my big three. I tried to go outside with Lily this morning for some play time, but after only 20 minutes my mouth, nose, and eyes were on FIRE. A few minutes later I started to wheeze (which scared the bejesus out of me) and we came running back inside. I spent the next hour in absolute misery. Sufficed to say the house is now on lock down and all windows and doors are to remain closed until further notice. I bet you are dying to come over for a visit! I am most disappointed that we won't be able to go for any more long walks. As much as my feet and hips were killing me, I felt like I was at least doing something to help move things along. Plus it gave me something to do. I suppose we could go and walk the mall, barf.

I am so bored, so very bored. I told Matt today that if I refresh my facebook feed one more time today... they are going to revoke my account. The house is clean. The laundry is washed, folded and put away. The grocery shopping is done. The bags are packed. WHAT IS THIS KID WAITING FOR?!?

My sister gets in tonight, here's hoping!!

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  1. BOOOOO....Have you tried incessantly poking Little Boy S.? Maybe be annoying? I was going to write "Little B.S.", but that's not nice. Even though it's boring for you, maybe sitting still will make him get bored and come out. If I lived closer, I would come entertain you - the beauty of a "flexible" schedule. Luckily your sister's done with school! :-)