Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Valentine

When I first met my husband he was a lanky high school freshman. I was foolish enough to break his heart. He got me back and broke mine a few years later. None of that matters because now he fills my whole life with so much love.

Dingle is smart, super handsome, and irritatingly nice. It is more than likely that if I was never in a foul mood, or raised my voice, or treated him with anything less than kindness, we would never fight. That is not to say we wouldn't disagree but I am almost always the first person to lose my temper.  I am very lucky to have found such a forgiving man. As I have told my sister, if you find a man who is so sweet that you can't decide whether to kiss him or smack him...marry him.

At the foundation of our relationship is a great friendship. Even after ten years together we still just love to be together. For the past couple of years I have been a stay at home mom and Matt has worked from home at our dining room table. We have probably logged more hours together under one roof than most couples do in a life time. As of two weeks ago Matt has started a new job that requires him to be at the office, which is 45 minutes away, full time. It has been hard. Of course I miss having an extra set of hands when one kid is spitting up and the other kid is peeing on the floor, but mostly I just miss my companion. (For the record I also miss the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches...but it is mostly Dingle) In a lot of ways we are totally codependent, which I know wouldn't work for a lot of couples. It really does work for us. He is my best friend and I am his. When the kids are grown I know I will not have to worry about what comes next. Hopefully we will just continue to do what we have always done...and just love being together on the couch.

I was instantly drawn to Matt and according to him I was always the girl of his dreams. He told me he loved me the day after we made our relationship official on January 11th 2003. Even though I knew he meant it I laughed it off...and then never looked back. A little over five years later, I couldn't wait to say my vows. And now, five years and two babies later, I am still crazy in love with my Dingle.

On April 3rd, 2010 I fell in love with my husband in a whole new way. I was legitimately concerned that because Matt knew so little about babies that he would just thrust this tiny newborn into my arms and close the door behind him on his way out. He did exactly the opposite. My husband is great at almost everything (yes, it is super annoying) but he is exceptional at being a daddy. Our kids are so very lucky to have him.
Love at first sight 2010
Same shirt, new baby, all love.  2012

The kids are crazy about their daddy too. Who else would play games like whatever this is!?!?

Happy 11th Valentine's Day!
I love you Dingle, always have. 


  1. Happy 10th Valentines day Dingle and the Momma! you guys have always reminded me of my parents, and the ridiculously annoying amount of love you have for each other! love you both!

  2. You guys are amazing!

    I wonder what Matt's favorite hoody is...

  3. Such a sweet, sweet post. I love it! And the last picture is just so classic.

  4. If I ever have even half of what you guys have, I will be the happiest person alive. You two are so cute, love you both so so much. I am so lucky to have a relationship like yours (and our parents) to look up to and look forward to! :)