Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snowy Days

Life with a toddler and a baby during the winter can be a little well, boring. Turns out Lily is not a huge fan of being cold and really puts up a stink about wearing her winter coat. It could be that her snow clothes are from last year and are a little too snug. In any case she would rather play inside than out these days. Ben doesn't mind his snowsuit but is just a little too mobile to be held and not mobile enough to get around on the ground. The days were starting to blend together. What we really needed was a good snow storm!

Up until this past weekend we have only had a few inches of snow here and there. That all changed when Nemo (when did we start naming winter storms??) dropped a staggering amount of snow on us all at once Friday night. There was a lot of drifting so it is hard to say just how much we got, but I would guess it was around 24 inches. In some places the snow was at least 3-4 ft. deep!

While Matt and I dug out Lily and Colby had a great time playing. Lily thought it was hilarious that the snow was over her head. She ran up and down the sidewalk channel we had dug squealing about being in a tunnel. She is more than a little interested in eating the snow and we had to have that all important talk about "yellow snow"! 

She was not at all unhappy to learn that for being such a happy camper outside there was hot chocolate waiting for her when she came in :) 

On Sunday morning the sun was shinning and the wind had finally died down. We took full advantage of the snow covered street in front of the house. Matt and I took turns pulling the sled while Lily screamed with delight. After several trips down and back I was exhausted! It is not easy to run in boots and snow pants. 

Side note: At some point my expensive LLBean snow boots were stolen off the front porch. I hope that whoever took them did so because they needed them and not because they were too lazy to work for them like I had. *sigh* (UPDATE: For the sole purpose of making a liar out of me the boots have appeared in the hall closet. I checked there no less than ten times but in any case I have a renewed gratitude for them. So glad I didn't publicly announce that they had been stolen, that would be awkward...) 

We did not lose power which made this storm all fun and no stress. I like to shovel, and everything just looks more beautiful all covered in fresh snow. Winter just isn't winter without a few big storms. Bring it on Mother Nature we are ready for more! 


  1. LOVE this post---such fun snow pictures, I love watching kids play in the snow. Bonus for snow that is taller than they are;)

    Dying over the boots. Hilarious. Love how honest you are---I would have deleted the sentences about the stolen boots once they were found.

  2. Thank goodness Lily's okay with the cold when there's snow to play in!! Glad no one actually stole your boots! That would have made me sad for you and your loss and the ridiculousness of what someone had done.

  3. so happy you kids enjoyed the snow. i'm also glad that person only "borrowed" your boots and so thoughtfully put them back into your hal closet for you. lucky kids and dog, playing in such perfect white snow!