Friday, September 6, 2013

First Day of School!

I have no less than 100 pictures on my real camera to document Lily's open house on Wednesday. Today Daddy had the real camera and we were not on the same page when it came to documentation. I will upload the iphone pics I took tomorrow.

In summary today was very good. The whole family took Lily to school this morning to drop off our girl. The goodbye was just as I had pictured it. At first Lily ran into the room without so much as turning around and as far as the teachers were concerned Daddy and I should just slip out, but I know my girl.

(*side note - Are all toddlers a little OCD? Seriously, Lily is VERY ritualistic about saying goodbye/goodnight. We have started affectionately referring to said ritual as the "secret handshake" and lord help you if you get it wrong. I'll take a video of it and post it soon, you know for posterity...not at all in a mocking way)

Back to my story. I called to Lily to let her know that we were leaving and asked if she would like to do the secret handshake. Immediately she froze in her tracks and retreated back to us, looking a little panicked. I assured her that I would be back to pick her up, completed the ritual, and made a bee line for the car. I feel a little ridiculous admitting that I cried in the car on the way home, but it hurt leaving her there.

I came home, put Ben down for his nap and proceeded to putt around the house for two long hours. Ben FINALLY got up around 11 and we had a great time playing bubbles on the front porch. Right on schedule at 11:55 he began to frantically and relentlessly beg me for lunch. (He repeatedly cycles through his signs, more, hungry, please, more hungry, please, more, hungry, pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeee). It was a little early to go get Lily but I couldn't handle the begging so we headed over to her school, which is less than two minutes door to door. As it turns out pickup is a little (A LOT) hectic so we were not as early as I thought. Lily's teacher saw me in the door and brought Lil over to be signed out. By the time I looked up from the most amazing hug ever her teacher had returned to the classroom and we were just left standing in the hall. No mention of how the day went, no further instructions. Like a total rookie mom I stood there for a minute not really knowing what to do, so we left. It was weird.

Lily was oddly quiet as we walked to the car and she requested that I turn off the radio for the ride home. Poor thing. She must have been so overstimulated. I made the mistake of asking her a few questions and after three consecutive one word answers she snapped, "Mommy, I don't want to talk right now." Totally my bad. After scolding her for snapping I apologized for pestering her and we ate lunch in silence. I laid down with her at nap time and again she was pretty quiet.

Finally after nap she was a little more chatty and here are the details of her day:

They sang three songs - "the monkey song" "the hot dog song" and "the spider song"
They read a book - "I don't know what it was about"
They had a snack - "It was regular crackers, yesterday it was teddy grahams"
They played outside - "I rode in every car, one was broken. I did not break it"
She was assigned a job - "My job was to clean up"

The only two unsolicited pieces of intel:

"There is a raccoon there, I love that little guy."
"One little boy ate the other little girl's snack."

So there you have it. We'll see how next week goes. Overall I think she liked it.

Toddlers are amazing.


  1. Aw, love this. Sounds exactly how Truman would react, too----so much to take in for their little heads!!

  2. this is so sweet and thanks for sharing. we missed you.