Monday, March 10, 2014

Baby #3 - Half Baked

20 weeks! Such a fun milestone, we've come so far and at the same time have so much farther to go!

Baby stats: This week the baby weighs about 10.5oz. and is approximately 10 inches long from head to toe. She is practicing swallowing and her body is now producing the tar we all know and love...meconium!

Bump picture: I got all dolled up yesterday (I blew dry my hair and put on makeup) to go out to lunch with my husband, my sister in law, and her boyfriend...but of course I didn't think to take a picture then. So for the 9th consecutive week you get a 10pm tired mama bump pic. Oh well.

For some reason with this pregnancy I really have absolutely no perception of just how pregnant I look. Several of my family members have indicated that I am, in fact, a planetary body. At the same time the teachers at Lily's school claim to not have noticed that I was even expecting. I really don't feel all that big, but I do think I am a little bigger than I was with Ben. (It is hard to tell from this picture because of the scarf)

20w with Benjamin

How you doin'?This past week was similar to last, full of unpacking and juggling two kids who are way off their "normal" routine. We are all happily settling in to the new house (posts to come I promise) but we are all t-i-r-e-d. Ben has been taking 2.5 hour naps every day, which is at least an hour longer than his usual. Neither of the kids even noticed daylight savings time with the exception of the fact that Lily has asked us twice why we are eating dinner during the day. I have been hopelessly tired in the afternoon the past few days which is frustrating because Matt has been home and I would love to use the kid's nap time to be super productive.

Other than the afternoon crash I have been feeling great. No aches or pains. No headaches or heartburn.

Aversions/Cravings: Spicy, spicy, spicy. This baby brought to you by tacos and guacamole. It has been so long since I haven't wanted to eat the entire contents of the grocery store I can't even imagine what an aversion feels like anymore. I wish I craved high iron foods, I eat them, but I do not pine for them.

Sleeping: We are officially back to the mattress we bought in August and I officially still hate it. I have never regretted a purchase more in my life. I really think that at some point we are going to have to just admit that it is terrible and buy a new one, but man that is going to sting. In any case I spend half the night climbing my side of the mattress to escape the trench created by husband sleeping blissfully next to me. Maybe we could buy a mattress topper or something. I can only imagine that the more the belly grows the more uncomfortable I am going to think our bed is. I could always sleep in the guest room if things get desperate.

Movement: Finally much to my adoration the baby's movements are becoming more consistent throughout the day. There are definitely specific times of day (meal time!) and specific positions that get this little bean jumping. Matt finally felt a few tiny kicks this morning!

Milestones: Half way! Matt getting to feel kicks from the outside!

What I am looking forward to: I am officially dying to know the baby's gender. My dad and my sister both know but neither of them are giving up the secret. (I am still thinking boy but only because I am not positive it is a girl) We are definitely doing the gender reveal at Lily's birthday party on March 29th...three more weeks!

Worries: I get my quad screen results in a few days but I have hardly even thought about the results since last week. I have a dentist appointment coming up, not at all baby related, but I still don't want to go.

Let's compare: 

It was before Christmas when I was half baked with my other two. I am already finding it really strange that this baby will not (God willing) be born in the spring.

Definitely more tired overall but having so few 'pregnancy symptoms' that some days I forget for hours at a time that I am expecting.

Movement was more consistent earlier with both Lily and Ben...this baby is clearly going to be super laid back, right?  Haha!

Best moment of the week: Every single day waking up in this house is the best moment of the week. Matt getting to feel the baby was pretty great too. 


  1. Half baked!! Love it. Cannot wait for your gender reveal, either. I don't even know what to guess!!

  2. Wow, that is serious will power! I can't imagine having my family know the sex of the baby but waiting to find out.
    I'd say you look almost the same in the two photos, but maybe the belly is sticking outward a bit more. Looks like a boy belly to me!

  3. Your dad and sis know but you don't, and you're waiting three more weeks?! Holy moly, I'd never make it!! What patience you have!! Very exciting, though. :)