Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Baby #3 - 34 Weeks!

Only one day late. Not too shabby, haha. Oh how the standards have been lowered.

Baby stats: According to baby center the babies at this point in gestation weigh just under 5 pounds but at our ultrasound on Wednesday the tech estimated that he weighs about 5.25 lbs. Little man is in the 67th% at that weight and looked absolutely perfect. He was just as I predicted, head down and alternating between sunny side up and laying on his left side. He was wiggly and sucking his thumb and just well, perfect.

Bump picture: 

I had to laugh this week as the blog post about "What not to say to pregnant women" circulated around facebook. Clearly all of the world reads my blog :)

How you doin'?: I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER! It is amazing. My allergies are still there but they are more of a nag now than anything else. It really is humbling in a way to think back to just two weeks ago, I really felt terrible. I know it is easy to take being healthy for granted, especially given that it can all change in an instant. For the time being I have definitely gained some appreciation for being in such good health 99% of the time.

Pregnancy wise I am still feeling really great. I am back to feeling like I was made to do this. Light on my feet and not at all clumsy or awkward. I love my new clothes and am just feeling really comfortable in my own skin.

My only pregnancy woe is that I have been so out of breath for the last few days. It is all I can do to carry Ben up the stairs (which he requests all.the.time lately). I know I can attribute some of it to being a little wheezy from all of the pollen but the baby must be in a weird position too because there are literally times when I feel like I cannot take a full breath. As a result I have felt a little fatigued the past few days but once I figured out why I was feeling off I instantly cut myself a little slack.

Aversions/Cravings: I am a little sad to say that eating has lost a little bit of its bliss. After being sick and not really wanting to eat much of anything I have now moved into the "wow this baby is taking up a lot of real estate" phase of third tri. I feel full very quickly, which is actually a relief at times, but then an hour later I am starving again. I would say a change to the eating routine is in order. The red delicious apples I bought this week were mealy so I suspect that craving has been squashed.

Sleeping: I am not sleeping as great as I was pre sickness. I am a little more uncomfortable at night and have been waking up in the night with the dreaded leg cramps. The baby moves a lot at bed time and in the early morning hours which makes it hard to stay asleep, especially with the pitter patter of tiny feet upstairs as early as 5am these days.

Movement: C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T

Milestones: 34 weeks seems like a big one for some reason, if I remember correctly the baby's chances on the outside increase exponentially from here on out. (Although I am pretty sure that is the case with each passing week, no?)

I am looking forward to: Matt and I dropped the kids off with his parents a few hours ago! Matt was supposed to have a dentist appointment in MA tomorrow but he is a chicken and canceled. I was going to go with him. As a result was have the whole day to head down to Ikea and do some odds and ends shopping, eat at a few of our fav spots, and maybe even do a few house projects.

Worries: Still worried that if this little man shows early we will not be ready. We are making headway. I chose paint colors for the boys' room, my girlfriend sent the baby clothes bin home with her mom and dad, and I located the pack and play sheets. There is still a fair amount to do but fingers crossed we have five more weeks.

Let's compare: 

The baby is measuring smaller than Ben but bigger than Lily (obvi, she was SO tiny)

Shortness of breath is a new one.

Leg cramps and random numbness were a problem with Ben but I think our terrible mattress is a major contribution this time around.

Best moment of the week: My girlfriend and I met for dinner last night. We each drove half way from home, about an hour, to a great place right on the ocean. We ate outside and it was just the perfect summer night. We talked about her upcoming wedding (!!) and it is so exciting to think that the baby will be there with us when she says "I do".

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  1. Yay for girlfriend visits! And enjoy the day "off" with your husband :)