Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Baby #3 - 35 weeks!

I'm not even going to pretend that I want to be writing this post. This is what happens when I don't make the time to blog about the things I want to blog about and only blog when I feel totally obligated. Don't get me wrong I am super excited about being in the home stretch...we will all be meeting this baby very soon!

Baby stats: At my appointment today I was measuring right on track. The baby is about the size of a honeydew and is rapidly running out of room. He is head down and my OB said that at this stage of the game that is unlikely to change. Most of his physical development is now complete and he will spend the next few weeks just packing on weight.

Bump picture: 

I am not in love with the fact that most of the shirts I have that still fit do not have any kind of stretch or elastic at the bottom. I feel like I am wearing a tent. All of my tank tops now ride up in the front and Dingle affectionately calls me "Mr. Smee". I'd love to say I don't see the similarities.

How you doin'?: Still feeling really great pregnancy wise although it is getting harder and harder to get comfortable. Today was the first truly humid day we have had this summer and I was a big puddly mess. All day I could not get over how tired and sweaty I felt. It finally started to rain a few hours ago and almost instantly the air (and my overall mental state) changed.

I am still wheezy and at this point it is all the baby's fault. He is so high, his feet are so far up under my rib cage that I just can't take a deep breath. Furthermore when he is rocking and rolling he literally knocks the wind out of me and I can't help but cough.

I have been trying to slow down to no avail. We have been going going going every day for the past week and as a result I am just beat at the end of the night. I painted the boys' new dresser and their bunk beds almost entirely by myself. They turned out even better than I was hoping and I am so excited to get them put together and in place. I would like to paint the boy's room tomorrow but we have a lunch playdate, I have a hair appointment, and we're eating dinner at my parents'. I'm not sure I will even be home long enough to get the prep work done, but I hope so. I haven't even started on their curtains or their comforters but they can wait for now.

If it is up to the dog I will have the baby any minute. He knows something is up and will not stop following me around. I cannot convince him that he does not need to nest nor worry on my behalf. I seriously thought he knew something I didn't the other night as he cried outside the shower curtain...turns out he is just wound too tight.

In unrelated to the baby news...strawberries are ready!!! My absolute favorite food ever. There is nothing better than a fresh picked strawberry, as always totally worth the rash I get from eating too many!

Aversions/Cravings: Strawberries, if at all possible the only thing I would eat. I've also been on an ice tea kick and after several horrible sun tea attempts with decaf tea bags I broke down today and brewed a pitcher with the regular tea I have to show some self control and not drink the entire pitcher before bed.

I can not wait to have a cold beer. Summer is significantly less enjoyable without one.

Sleeping: I suspect not at all unrelated to my recent tea cravings I have started getting up every two hours to pee. The worst are midnight (given that I have only been asleep for about an hour), and 5:30 (just knowing that a lot of mornings the kids will be up any minute).

Movement: As I said baby boy is running out of room so his movements have become less dramatic but no less stabby. I have had more than a few contractions this past week. Today at my appointment my cervix was completely closed, which was a surprise to no one.

Milestones: 35 weeks/35 days to go is a neat milestone numerically speaking but for me it is untrue...I only had 28 days left as of Monday.

I am looking forward to: My sister will be here this weekend/next week! YEA!

Worries: I am starting to get a little apprehensive about recovering from surgery. I will be fine and I know I will bounce back but it is still major surgery and I have two small people under foot who will not understand the concept of 'recovery'.

Let's compare: 

I am still pretty far behind when it comes to baby preparedness, I'm sloooowly chipping away at our todo list.

The all night peeing and heartburn have begun, albeit later this time around.

Best moment of the week: I took Ben for a hair cut last night while Lily was at dance class with Mimi and afterwards he took me out for pizza, just the two of us. Oh my goodness was he adorable. I was completely captivated by every single syllable he had to say. And don't even get me started on his facial expressions. I am so in love with that little boy and thanked God a million times that he is mine.

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  1. Ha, I had to wear a tank top under everything at the end because it was winter and I couldn't just have a freezing draft on my belly at all times!

    I feel ya on the obsession with your boy - I am totally like that with Luke, too!