Monday, July 14, 2014

Baby #3 - 38 Weeks!

Here we are...last weekly post of this pregnancy! I will try and post at least once more before the baby comes, but I'm not making any promises.  I will try and be good about posting random pics to IG so that you all know I am still hanging in there. If I do go into labor on my own (smart money is on 'not in this lifetime') I will post updates as best I can, so make sure to follow me @growingupmaine if you don't already!!

Baby stats: Who knows at this point! He is still putting on weight and with one full week to go even I can't predict if I think he will be bigger than his brother or not (8lbs6oz). It would make sense if he is a little smaller considering he will be delivered a week before his brother was but this belly is just SO big.

Bump picture: 

Matt and I took a few minutes to recreate the maternity picture we took when I was 37 weeks along with Ben. The backdrop is certainly nicer this time around! The kids didn't really participate like we were hoping so if we get another bright morning I think we might try one more time. That poor yellow tshirt is really working hard, haha. 

How you doin'?: The baby is definitely dropping, or has dropped. All of the sudden I am finding it very difficult to stand up straight. My lower back has started to hurt a little too. Only one more week, one more. The best thing about this new position is that I can finally breathe again! I am not loving that now the baby has a little more room for kicking me in the ribs...I think he is still sunny side up given the placement of his bony little knees and feet. 

I am grateful that as of today I still have the energy to clean and nest like a fool all while chasing after the kids. Matt has been helping more with the cooking and meal prep which is great because it is the one thing I really don't feel like doing these days. As of today all of the rooms have been thoroughly cleaned and organized. I unpacked five boxes today!! There is one room (the loft room) that has become the catch all for all of the boxes that we still have not unpacked. My goals for tomorrow are to clean the fridge, grocery shop, and organize the remaining boxes. The only remaining 'big job' is to wash the floors and hopefully I will get that done on Wednesday. I love the motivation that comes with the last few weeks of pregnancy!!

I have my last OB appointment on Wednesday. I am confident that he will check my cervix only to find that yet another week of false labor has done nothing to increase my chances of going into labor on my own. It's ok, I played the horrible head games at the end with Ben and I won't even go there this time. No matter what, baby boy will be here one week from today!

Aversions/Cravings: I am officially averse to cooking. It just seems so labor intensive! As for the food when I don't feel like cooking I really don't feel like eating. I have to make a list for the grocery store tomorrow or I will come home with a cart full of nonsense that the kids will be pleased about but probably won't equate to a single meal.

Sleeping: Not much. I am tossing and turning a lot. I get up to pee a lot. I always get the best sleep early in the night, it all goes down hill after 2:30am. Let me tell you this right now, this is not good practice for when the baby comes. Anyone who dares say that to a tired pregnant lady should really be ready to run in the other direction. No mother has ever said to her husband after a particularly long night, "Thank goodness I was sleeping so terribly toward the end of my pregnancy, it was GREAT practice!"

Movement: He has been by far my most active baby. There are still nights that I ask Dingle to take a shift applying counter pressure to my belly so that I can fall asleep. As I type this he is kicking away with all his might.

Milestones: I don't really think I have passed any new milestones since last week but I did realize that I have officially been pregnant every calendar day of the year...that is sort of cool huh?

I am looking forward to: Announcing this baby's arrival!!

Worries: Ugh, there are so many things that could go wrong or be wrong with the baby but I am trying to keep all of those worst case scenarios out of my mind. It won't do me any good to go down that road. I have absolutely no reason at all to think that this little boy is anything less than perfect.

Let's compare: 

I think my nesting energy is surging later than it did with my other two.

I walked literally miles and miles hoping to induce labor with my other two, this time I have zero interest in doing any extra walking.

I finally ordered the baby a few new things on Sunday. Up to this point I literally have not bought him a single thing. Nothing too exciting but we needed to restock some baby essentials (like burp clothes) and I bought just a few things that will be 'his' (like his coming home outfit!).

Best moment of the week: Lots of highs this week!

Blackbeary came home all on his own. The weather has been ridiculously beautiful. I had a glorious mani/pedi at a spa yesterday.

Lily said something hilarious that I just have to get down so that it is never forgotten. We were getting in the car to head to the store and it was really hot inside. As I was getting everyone settled she proclaimed loudly, "Mommy it is hotter than a chicken nugget in here!" OMG, I laughed for 20 minutes.

We are all ready and waiting on you baby boy. We love you so much and can hardly wait one more minute to meet you!

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