Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Feeling better? Why yes, thank you!

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First, thank you to everyone who sent me a sweet email, text, or fb message after my last post. It was very nice to be reminded that growing a new baby is hard work, and that it is ok to be tired.

I am feeling a lot better. Dingle has been helping with breakfast duty so that I can catch a few more winks in the morning, which seems to really be helping. It would be even better if I could stay asleep throughout the night! (Insomnia, mark it down as yet another pregnancy-the-sequel first!) But I am not complaining, like I said it seems to really be helping.

As far as the all day morning sickness goes, dinner seems to be the final hurdle. I have been feeling much better throughout the day, but am almost never hungry for dinner. Unfortunately the longer I wait to eat the worse I feel, so for now I am just willing myself to eat. Dingle has been making dinner almost every night, someone should really give that guy a Klondike Bar.

I think a large part of feeling better is that my allergies have finally calmed down, coupled with the fact that the sun came out today, it was almost too much to handle. We went for a nice long walk down to the beach. Lily was so great. Not only did she let her feet touch the sand, after a few minutes she actually CRAWLED. That means hands, knees, and feet touching the sand ALL AT ONCE. Maybe she has finally put the dark days of Florida behind her. The sand was pretty wet, so I am not convinced that she would have had such a good time on the dry stuff. But we could all use a win, so I am taking it.

See Colby and me in the way background?
You guessed it, it was daddy
who let her crawl that far! 

The forecast is calling for more sun this week. Finger's crossed we actually get it. Pool's open! Come on over for your very own polar plunge!

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