Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Keeping a lid on it.

I have a very good reason for not updating my blog recently, I swear. Frankly, there have been too many secrets going on around here. Big things. The kind of big things that you want to write blog posts about, but can't because they are secrets. More importantly they are the kind of things you don't want your brother, living in a third world country, to read about on the internet. Well, luckily for you, we talked to Josh on Skype last night and told him everything! So...

First secret, I am pregnant!!!! It was a total surprise. I am living proof that you can get pregnant while breastfeeding. We found out the night before my 30th birthday party.(Short aside: I was a little bit sad that some of our friends might be just the tiniest bit disappointed that I was pregnant and wouldn't be able to have the wild night they had in mind. Our news was met by nothing less than jubilation, cheers, pats on the back, and heartfelt congratulations. It was the best birthday gift anyone could have ever given me. I was seriously touched.)  When I first looked at the test I couldn't believe my eyes. Initially I was 90% elated and 10% scared to death. Two kids under the age of two, whoa. All of the symptoms coincided with weaning Lily, so I brushed them off. First, Lily was fussy and didn't really want to nurse anymore. I figured this was her way of telling me she was ready. Second, I was an emotional basket-case. I think this one would have been true prego or not. Third, my boobs were killing me. Is that TMI? Well, they were. There were two other signs that I don't know how I missed. One, the dog would not stop following me around. Those of you who know our family dynamic know that Matt is Colby's human, I am someone he tolerates (it is a two way street). I should have known something was up when Colby tried to protect me from the mailman. Lastly, and to be honest the mother of all signs. I started having crazy "bug dreams".  In every dream there were bugs everywhere. Turn on a light, bugs all over the walls. Answer the phone, wait this isn't a phone it is a giant bug. Drive in the car, bugs all over the road. I had these EXACT same dreams when I was pregnant with Lily. We don't have our first Dr. appointment until May 18th so we have no details to share. By our estimation the baby is due between December 10th and the 17th. I have a hunch about the gender...let's just say that so far this little boy is kicking my ass. I had about 5 minutes of morning sickness with my first pregnancy. This time around I have morning, mid morning, noon, afternoon, evening, and middle of the night sickness...it really sucks as much as it sounds. And guess what, Lily is completely unsympathetic! Oh well. Lucky for her Matt is taking excellent care of all of us.

Second secret to follow...

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  1. Are you moving to a warmer climate? :-)