Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nashua, you had me at mini golf!

My only regret from this past weekend is that we did not take more pictures.

Dingle and I had a great time on our "weekend mini-break". On Friday we drove Lily to Maine so that she could spend the weekend stuffing her face with cookies and watching R rated movies! She is going through a bit of a shy phase and it was a little harder on me than I thought it would be to leave her. I may or may not have cried over an Italian sandwich in the car. In any case after driving to Maine we hit the highway headed South to the great state of New Hampshire, live free or die!

The drive to Nashua was nice, at first. Dingle insisted on taking back roads which I was all for until the iphone died, the gps couldn't find us, and we had been in the car for more than 4 hours (including the drive to ME). We did eventually find the hotel and I was overall very happy with our groupon. On Friday we went out to dinner and saw Harry Potter, excellent date night activities. I only cried a little after getting off the phone with CooCoo...I cried much more during Harry Potter. On Saturday we sat out by the pool, went out to lunch, and then headed to the Anheuser-Busch brewery. The tour was neat, I was amazed by the literally thousands of bottles of bud light that were filing out of the factory. Dingle was very interested in the computer program that runs the factory...go figure. (*edit* I was just informed it is not a program it is a whole system, pardon). We were both in awe of all of the children running free or die, indeed. The best part was the stable where they keep a full team of Clydesdales. You know a horse is huge when it makes Dingle look short. We bought Lily a stuffed animal at the gift shop, because we just couldn't go home to her empty handed! Turns out she freakin' loves her new "horsey" and has hardly let it out of her sight.

We kept our socially acceptable buzz going with a beer at Carrabba's and then headed out to play mini golf. I really love mini golf. It is only slightly irritating that Dingle is as good as I am, if only we could putt like that on the real course!! After 18 exhilarating holes...we TIED, arg! Afterwards, we had free dinner at the hotel as part of our groupon. (Note to readers; do get the Salmon, don't get the brick-oven pizza!) Our only real complaint about the hotel was the bed. All of their rooms "boast" sleep-number beds. Frankly, I felt like I was sleeping on an under-inflated air mattress. We woke up stiff and sore both mornings...and not for those reasons, geez get your mind out of the gutter. Seriously though, the bed was terrible. We sped drove at a reasonable speed to Maine on Sunday morning to get Lily. Seeing her was awesome!! It will be awhile before I leave her again, sorry grandparents.

I won't go into the 4 hours of traffic that we sat in to get back to MA on Sunday afternoon for fear that Dingle will make good on his promise to "NEVER DO THE DRIVE AGAIN" takes a lot to make my husband snap is all I'm saying. All in all I feel like we really made the most of our weekend "away". Did I mention I missed Lily and I won't be leaving her again for a very long time? I did, oh ok.

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  1. I love love love your posts April, and this one was so wonderful and funny! Love you guys, flora