Friday, July 29, 2011

We're goin' to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

and you can come too, too, too!

Every single Saturday Dingle says to me, "what do you want to do today?" My response is always the same, "Nothing. Everywhere will be super crowded because it's the weekend." So every weekend we stick close to home or visit with friends but rarely do we go on an outing. Every single weekend we always say, "why didn't we think to do _____ during the week?"

So Thursday I said to my lovely husband, "I want to do something tomorrow, as a family!" I called the library to find out what passes were available (they are often reserved weeks in advance) and much to my delight the zoo pass had a cancellation, yay! So this morning, in the drizzle (maybe why there was a cancellation, hmmm), we went to the zoo. Normally tickets are 13 dollars/adult, whoa...this is a small zoo we're talking about. But with the library pass we got in for 4 bucks, plus a 1 dollar donation so that Lily could get a sticker...that's how they get you.

The zoo is exactly what you might expect from a small New England zoo. Mostly local animals, a petting zoo, a playground, and a few "exotic" animals that look like they know they drew the short straw and ended up here. Lily had a great time, we all did for that matter. She was more interested in the other kids running around than trying to spot 1/8 of the leopard's tail...behind that rock...over there...where?...there!, but that is ok, I liked looking for the leopard. She liked the bears, the petting zoo, and the big slide at the playground. We of course got a picture with her (nick)namesake! It was definitely 5 bucks worth of fun, let's not forget there was a sticker!!

Did you spot the sticker? She is holding it in nearly every photo! 

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  1. I have seen that sign for the stone zoo every time I drive home from Boston and have always wanted to go, for I too have a love of zoo's. She is adorable in all of these and if she loved the petting zoo, well, you should come down here because my house is a petting zoo...