Monday, October 24, 2011

It gets quiet around here...

...when there are secrets!

Now that family and friends have been told in person, to the best of our ability of course, I figure it is time for an introduction.
The newest little miracle on the way!! Baby is due April 29th. My intuition says girl, but I also thought there might be two, so who knows! So far everything looks perfect. Baby has a good strong HB and was wiggling all over the place at our NT scan. I have been feeling pretty good, not as great as I did with Lily but no where near as horrible as I did during my last pregnancy.  I am a bottomless pit of hunger and never feel full, which is far better than spending half the day with my head in the toilet. Unfortunately I have a seemingly endless headache all.the.time. I actually don't remember when the headache started but I also can't remember what life was like before either. I am certainly not complaining, it will all be worth it when we bring our healthy baby home. Technically we won't have "two under two" but we are pretty darn close!

So here I am at 13w. I regret not taking weekly pictures when I was pregnant with Lil. Especially now because I would love to compare. I do know I didn't start wearing maternity clothes until I was 16-18w last time around. I will be lucky if I make it one more week in non maternity jeans!  

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  1. YES! YES!!! LOVE the announcement, and was hoping it would be soon. Look at that adorable bump, my dear! This is really happening and I'm just over the moon excited for you. Lilly is going to be such a great big sis.