Monday, April 14, 2014

Baby #3 - 25 Weeks!

I managed to blog about a few things this past week! This week's goal is to blog about how my kids ruined my birthday again this year (oh how I wish I was kidding) and to start the house tour posts...stay tuned.

Baby stats: This week the baby is 13.5 inches long and weighs about a pound and a half. He is starting to pack on that baby chub that we all love so much. My expectations for a chunky baby are pretty low, Lily was tiny and although Ben was 8lbs he was never "rollie". The baby is also growing hair and if he is like his siblings will be born with a whole head of dark (almost black) hair...that will all fall out, haha.

Bump picture: I got up early, showered, and did my hair/makeup all so that Lily and I could drive to MA for our doctor appointments and go out to lunch together...and then she threw up her we canceled.

I failed pretty miserably at eating any better this week but I was a lot more active so that should count for something. The weather here was finally nice enough to go for walks, rake, do yard work, and run around with the kids. It felt amazing!

How you doin'?: Considering the one thing I was looking forward to the most last week was having the kids sleep at Mimi's so that I could finally get an uninterrupted night's sleep TOTALLY DID NOT HAPPEN, I am in pretty good spirits today. I really think it is the sunshine. Rumor has it was are in for cold weather later this week so I am trying to just get an much joy out of the warm weather as I possibly can. The kids managed to eat a little dinner tonight so I am hoping the worst is once again behind us and I can start to catch up on sleep. And no, I did not type that sentence with a straight face.

As I mentioned Lily and I were supposed to head to our respective doctors in MA this morning. I really need to figure out our new medical insurance plan so that we can all get providers in ME. It really isn't that big of a deal. I have no illusions of having a close relationship with the doc who delivers this baby...MY obstetrician is in MA and he already told me he can't come to Maine ;). That being said I do need to switch doctors, I think I start biweekly appointments soon (??).

Aversions/Cravings: Trying not to obsess over every single thing I eat that I probably shouldn't, it just isn't worth feeling guilty over. I have been craving fish tacos and I think I might actually die if we don't go out to dinner soon! I've also been craving buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing. OMG when did food become so delicious?!?

Sleeping: ...not yet

Movement: We have officially reached the "whoa, did you see that?!?" stage of baby kicks. Lily was completely freaked out as she watched my belly jump and wiggle. She asked me repeatedly why the baby was kicking me and if it was hurting me. No matter how many times I assured her that the baby was not doing it on purpose and no it was not hurting me, she was not having any of it.

Milestones: None that I can think of, I will officially be 33 when this baby is born.

I am looking forward to: I am itching to start the nursery and I just don't think I can wait until Matt leaves his current job. I joked a few weeks ago that he might come home one day to find that I had painted both kid's rooms...we'll see if I was joking! We tried to narrow down the name list this weekend to no avail...I would really like to chose something soon!

Worries: No worries, feeling pretty great despite the exhaustion.

Let's compare: 

I forgot to mention that the heartburn has returned. I had it terrible with Ben and Lily but not until I was much closer to delivery!

Definitely going to gain more weight overall this time around.

This baby is most active at night, just like his brother. Really hoping it is not a sign of terrible things to come.

Best moment of the week: Saturday could not have been a nicer day. The sun was shining, the breeze was warm, my mom and dad brought pastries and Italian sandwhiches (not the kind you are most likely thinking of with all the meat...we do them completely differently in Maine) over for my birthday, the kids were barefoot and smiley. Right up until Ben threw up on the living room floor it had all the makings of a perfect day :)

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  1. Love that bump---so freaking adorable. And sleeeeeeeep. Why are you so important and amazing? Hope you get some soon.