Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Baby #3 and other ramblings ...24 weeks!

Yet another week slipped by and I failed (FAILED MISERABLY) to blog about anything. Lily turned FOUR last Thursday and my heart was broken into a million itty bitty pieces. Don't get me wrong we had an amazing time celebrating her and I couldn't be more proud of that little person, but I am pregnant and hormonal and my baby turned four...I mean really, in what universe is that fair?!

I do have a post dedicated to my coo coo girl, her four year interview, and some before and after pictures of the new haircut I gave her today, all ready to post! In my defense I would have gotten more blogging done this week but we have all been so off our routine for some reason and then tonight just before dinner Ben barfed all over the floor...with zero warning. He doesn't have a fever and wasn't really acting sick so my fingers are officially crossed that it was just a fluke. That is a thing right, fluke toddler barf?? Lily has only ever thrown up when she was super sick so this is a new one for me.

In other non related to the baby news...we spent a small fortune to fix our road this week after it became so muddy that we were literally trapped at the house several days last week. The joys of new home (in the woods) ownership! Matt officially gave his notice and as of the first full week of May will be once again working from home full time. FULL TIME! We are so blessed. That being said, if Ben doesn't stop sleeping like a newborn no amount of Daddy being at home is going to preserve my mental stability.

Now on to the baby!

Baby stats: This week the baby is about a foot long (anyone else hear "five dollar", just me??) and weighs about 1 1/3 pounds. He has gained about 4 oz since last week whereas his mama has gained 40 lbs. Okay not 40, but too many. He is working hard on developing his lungs and taste buds. If born premature his chances of survival increase exponentially from here on out, for many doctors 24 weeks is considered viability day!

Bump picture: I am gigantic, it's can just say it, everyone else has.

24 weeks - taken Monday

24 weeks (give or take a day) with Ben
Not at all psyched about the whole "gaining weight in my legs and butt" aspect of this pregnancy. That being said I am not complaining, it is my own 'fault'. I desperately need to get back on the daily exercise wagon but with everything we have had going on at the house and this ENDLESS winter it has been hard to make time and get outside. This week it is supposed to get above 50 several times so there is hope for us all!

How you doin'?: I hate to even say the word 'tired' again but there it is (again). No matter what I do, something will happen in the night to keep me from getting an uninterrupted night's sleep. Ben WILL wake up and call to me for over an hour (very rarely do I go to him), the cat WILL scratch every door and cabinet in the whole house, the dog WILL pace at the foot of the bed, ice WILL fall off the roof and scare the entire family to know, the usual. We are sending the kids to Mimi's for a sleepover on Saturday night (for my birthday) and you had better believe I am going to try and get twelve hours of sleep.

Still riding the pregnancy hormone train like never before. My poor husband bears the brunt of my sour attitude but the kids aren't always spared. Almost immediately upon snapping or yelling I apologize but I would rather the urge to eat my own young didn't surface in the first place.

Aversions/Cravings: I have been having eating remorse this past week. The kids have been inundated with sweets in the wake of birthday after birthday (not to mention 4 more to come, PLUS Easter) and I have been feeling very guilty about their sweets consumption...and by extension mine. I don't even really like sweets, I would much rather have chips or cheese. In either case we all have to eat better.

Sleeping: ...nope.

Movement: Baby boy is still a mover and shaker. I love it all. A few times a day he will get me really hard and catch me off guard which usually gets a laugh out of the kids.

Milestones: Viability day!

I am looking forward to: S-P-R-I-N-G! Someday deciding on a name for the baby would be nice.

Worries: No worries, too tired to worry.

Let's compare: 

There is no way I was this tired with either of my previous pregnancies. No matter what I thought or said at the time...I didn't even know what tired was back then.

I am huge. Just huge. I didn't take many belly pictures with was my pre blogging days, haha. But I was tiny. Now even comparing this belly to Ben is funny to me. I'm sure I thought I was big with him too.

Best moment of the week: Lily slept through the night twice without wetting the bed, but sadly hasn't done it since. Both kids let me take a much needed nap yesterday which was pretty great. Lily turned four but like I said that was bittersweet. Matt giving his notice was probably the biggest highlight!

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