Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Ben!!

Let the month of celebrating go out with a bang! In celebration of Ben's big day Matt and I blew up forty green balloons at 11pm! We hung streamers and filled the playroom with the balloons knowing that Ben would be the first one up in the morning. As expected at 5:55 am on April 30th a small boy filled the whole house with cheers and joy ,"today IS my birthday?!?!"

After breakfast and a few gifts from family that were not going to be able to make it to his party we set out for a day all about B-E-N! We dropped off Lily and Hugh (thanks AGAIN, Mimi!) and went out to lunch guessed it, Red Robin! Unlike Lily, Ben did not think that having the staff sing was all that exciting. That didn't stop him from chowing down on his very own ice cream sunday. After lunch we headed across the street where they are currently building a new strip mall. This is seriously the coolest construction site I have ever seen. They have every kind of truck at work that you could imagine. Ben and I had actually already stopped there earlier in the week to watch the trucks but he was excited to do it again. While I ran into Walmart for a few last minute party supplies the boys marveled over the bulldozers and steamrollers. I came out of the store to find that Ben had been given an amazing gift! His very own hardhat. The crew was so amazing and really made his day. 

After the excitement of the construction trucks we again visited the mall for a spin on the carousel. We picked up Lily and Hugh from Mimi's and made it home just in time for naps! After dinner we had birthday brownies and spent the rest of the night playing with balloons. 

On Friday morning Matt took Lily to school and then we gave Ben his birthday gift from us...50 new pieces of train track, o-m-g! The three of us spent over an hour setting up and playing trains.  

On Sunday afternoon we had a family birthday party complete with cake, presents, and a perfect day for the bounce house!

Happy 3rd Birthday Bengi, to the moon buddy. To the moon! 

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