Sunday, May 31, 2015

Touch -a- Truck!

In the name of full disclosure I did not go to touch-a-truck with the bigs and Daddy this year. I think I have PTSD from accomplishing such a feat last year in my very pregnant state. As you might expect, an activity designed for young children to touch real life machinery is a big hit around here...or so we thought it would be. Like everything else, when my children returned home all they could talk about was "the popcorn!, the bounce house, and the face painting". Mind you I make popcorn upon request, we own a bounce house of our very own, and I have been known to paint a few faces. *sigh* All that matters is that they had a great time!

The three biggest "truck-related" hits were a tow truck with the bed raised (so that they could run up and down repeated?!?! Clearly there were NO mothers there! haha), the book-mobile, and the limo!

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