Sunday, May 24, 2015

Happy 5th Birthday Lily!

When it comes to birthdays, I like to go big! That is not to say I spend a lot of money on an elaborate party or expensive gifts. As a matter of fact we like for the kids to think of their party as their "big gift" and then get them a few small things that they have had their eye on. Going big around here means lots of small treats, surprises, and special privileges.

For her birthday this year my eldest requested a "princess party" and that is exactly what she got (thank you pinterest for making my daughter's dreams come true...I took full credit for each and every detail!)

This year was particularly crazy because Lily's birthday fell on a Friday (Aunt Kate flew in from DC that day), her "kid" party was Saturday, and Easter was Sunday. There was a LOT of cake!

On Friday Matt and I asked Mimi to watch the boys so that we could spend the afternoon with the birthday girl. I made Hello Kitty frosted sugar cookies for her class and they gave her a small gift so she was already having the best day of her life when we arrived at school to pick her up. We then headed to Red Robin for lunch. She got a kick out of being sung to by the staff but the highlight (possibly of the whole weekend) was when I gave her two quarters for the crane game that they have in the lobby. Like all kids, she is totally enamored of this giant flashing waste of money game that is bound to leave her brokenhearted. Even though I knew the risk was high, for the first time ever we said "yes" to giving it a try. Wouldn't you know it, Matt managed to hook not one (incredibly cheap and terribly ugly) toy from the bin but TWO! Somebody get that guy a Klondike! It gets even more amazing, one was pink and one was blue. Lily was THRILLED and immediately wanted to give one to Ben. It was amazing! We had planned to go to a movie but at the last minute Lily said she didn't really want to go. What she did want to do...go to the mall to ride the carousel and then hit up the craft store. You got it babe. After our afternoon of randomness we went back to Mimi's for pizza, cake, and presents. 

Mimi made Lily a beautiful dollhouse for her Barbies! She also received a few other gifts that she had specifically said she wanted (Puppy surprise and a Disney palace pet).

On Saturday I hosted a "Princess Party" for Lily and five of her friends. It was a "drop off" party and in my opinion a total success. My sister and I made all of the decorations, Matt made the table and chairs, and the girls had a great time painting suncatchers and decorating their own cupcakes. We did face paint and party games. The highlight of the party was making "princess putty" (slime made with borax and elmers glue). So much fun!!

Say YAY for birthdays! I love you coo coo girl. 

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  1. What a fun day, and she looks SO much like you, April!!!