Friday, January 14, 2011

Baby Genius

I really do think Lily is a genius, I know, eye roll.  It's okay, I think all babies are geniuses, double eye roll.  Seriously, babies are so amazing.  I am especially impressed whenever Lily figures something out on her own.  Need proof?  

1.  Lily got a toy fishbowl with some fish in it for Christmas, it is her favorite new toy.  Without any assistance or coaching Lily started putting toys other than the fish in the bowl.  Amazing! 

2.  Lily drags herself across the floor (army style) rather than crawl, often with a toy in each hand.  When she wants to carry three toys...she puts one in her mouth!  Are you kidding me?!?

3.  If she is holding a toy while we are getting her dressed she passes it from one hand to the other when it is time to put her arm into her sleeve.

Think about it, those things may seem small but she figured them out all on her own.  The other day Dingle was trying fix the fireplace flue and I was the flashlight holder...after looking at it for a few minutes I knew exactly how to fix the stupid thing.  I was really proud of myself.  Dingle and I are smart in very different ways and it's not every day that I get to exercise my skills.  I really hope that critical thinking is hereditary...

Three cheers for my mini problem solver! 

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