Monday, January 17, 2011

I put my hands up in the air sometimes

Lily has a few new tricks for the new year!

First on Christmas Eve she decided that she would like to be a grownup girl and now pushes herself to sitting.

Almost overnight something clicked in her brain and now both, "wave bye bye" and "clap your hands" make perfect sense, like duh mom.

A personal favorite is "dancing".  She happily sits on her bum and bounces up and down.  It started with commercials and has evolved into hours of  the "tot tunes" channel on TV...we listen to it until my brain turns to mush and starts to leak out of my ear.  Lily loves it.  I have started throwing my hands over my head when I dance, she loves that even more.

Lastly she has learned to pull herself up on the side of the couch.  Some people and quite pleased with themselves, some other people are screwed.

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