Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An amazing weekend in Maine

In an attempt to catch up...we have to go back to June 3rd.

My biggest complaint about going home (to Maine) recently is that we never do anything. It always goes something like this: Matt and I load up the car on Friday, drive an hour and a half, arrive in time for dinner with my mom and dad, leave to go to the Sither's in time for Lily to go to bed, stay up too late talking with Benn and Barb, get up on Saturday, lounge in our pj's till morning nap, head over to my mom and dads after lunch (at which point extended family drop in and out to see us), eat dinner, back to the Sither's for bed time, get up Sunday morning and drive home. I am not complaining, we love our families. But because we only see them once or twice a month we end up in the same routine (over and over and over).

Maine is a beautiful place and we never see any of it. I can't even remember the last time we went to the beach while we were home. Anyway on to the point of the post! The first weekend in June a close friend of ours invited us to join her family at their rental house in Camden. It was a lot of driving but it was so worth it. We had an amazingly relaxing time, it was just what we needed. I will let the pictures tell the story!

Practicing wearing her new beach hat! 

"What do you mean it is only going to be in the high 50s!"

Lily was less than impressed by the boats

At first sight she cried, then she wanted to give him a kiss

It was a little cold...

but we didn't care!! 

Lily clearly needs a pair of flip flops.

not sure what to think...

can I pet it!?!?

What is that smell??
 The next three speak for themselves!

After MUCH heckling, I finally caught one! 

Lily's first lobster. "Aww, pats for the lobster"

me and my dingle :)
Thank you for an amazing weekend, I love you. 

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