Friday, July 8, 2011

15 months!

Lily had her 15 month appointment yesterday. Talk about catching up!

Age: 15.1 months
Height: 30.25in (44%)
Weight: 21lbs 15oz (36%)
Weight for Height: 55%

She is walking more and more every day. For the most part she still won't go more than a few steps in the middle of the room but she is thinking about it. Yesterday she walked the length of her bedroom, thank you squishy carpet! Her vocabulary is exploding too. It really is as if a light bulb went off and now she gets that things have names. She tries really hard to imitate the sounds certain words make. The problem is, now she thinks she is being very clear by yelling Da or Do or Doo and I have no clue what she is "talking" about.

For your Friday viewing pleasure, here is a video of Lily playing with the new bunny! (We are bunny sitting while Kate is in AUS). It's long but some people complain that all my videos are too short so there you go :)

**No bunnies were harmed during the making of this video**


  1. Aw, cute! Lily has a new furry friend to play with! Hope all the animals are getting along...

  2. our house is officially a zoo!