Saturday, July 16, 2011

5th of July!

The blog is feeling neglected again. Poor blog.

So far July has been a great, full of summer time fun for sure.

We spent several days at home for the long 4th of July weekend (which I will write about soon). For now, I will post a few pictures from our fourth celebration at home, which technically took place on the 5th. While we were home we were bummed that we were going to miss the town fireworks here, luckily for us the weather wasn't cooperating and not only did we get to stay at home an extra day but we also got to go see the fireworks here as a family.

Lily was less than impressed by the fireworks themselves but she LOVED watching all of the kids, all of whom were hopped up on sugar and glow in the dark necklaces, run around like wild animals. The dog was just grateful we didn't leave him at home. Again this year a great time was had by makes it hard to want to leave our little beach-side town.

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