Wednesday, July 27, 2011

If she wants more, she'll tell you!

I am totally not the kind of mother that sets out each day to teach their kids things. After all isn't that what school is for, geez. She can learn when she is five, I'm pretty sure that is when they start drilling kids with multiplication tables these days. What I mean of course, is that I let Lily do her own thing. I of course show her things, but if she isn't interested, then who cares. Examples:

Think putting blocks down your dress is better than building a tower, go for it. 
Sitting backwards on the bike seems like fun, more power to ya. 
You'd rather cuddle the book than read it, awesome. 
Wear the bunny ears on your neck and bark like a dog, I love it. 

All that being said I have been doing some signing in the last few months, which I really didn't think she was even watching. Until last week that is, when out of nowhere, she started using the sign for more. Fast forward a few days, in one sitting she used the signs for: all done, all gone, more, please, and thank you. I guess she had been paying attention, sneaky little devil. She had better stop being so observant or mommy is in big trouble! 

On our drive home from NY on Sunday we hit a lot of traffic. She was restless, hell...we were all restless. Dingle made an excellent suggestion that we detour to the Hebert Candy Mansion for some ice cream. In the video Lily not only demonstrates several signs, she also professes her love of hot fudge. I told you she was a smart girl.

(watch with the sound on if you can, it adds to the experience)

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