Tuesday, October 4, 2011

There's an 18 month old living in my house!

Lily turned 18 months old yesterday and to celebrate I took her to the doctor for some shots! The appointment went pretty much as expected. Lily screamed as soon as I started to take off her clothes, screamed more when the nurse weighed her, and totally lost her shit when it came time to measure her head.

 :::there was a brief intermission from the screaming when the nurse left the room and we (I) sang Lily her ABCs 16 times:::::

When the doctor came in Lily was happily playing on the (freezing) cold floor with her new dollhouse dolls wearing nothing but a diaper and I was promptly given an application for mother of the year. She was actually pretty great while the doctor and I talked until it was time to "be looked at". I don't know whether it is the crinkly white paper or the threatening looking stethoscope, but my kid does not like to "be looked at"! More screaming ensued. In any case all checked out well and the doctor left so that Lily could get dressed and mentally prepare for what was to happen next. 

Unfortunately, she had to have three shots yesterday. The nurse asked me to "hold Lily down and not let go" which I didn't think sounded like a very good plan. The kid already has enough reasons to seek revenge against me, why give her one more? So as I was holding her down I whispered into her ear an elaborate plan to get back at the nurse. Lily is a sucker for elaborate plans. When the nurse was finished she blew Lily a kiss and Lily in return gave her a dirty look. I have no idea where she learns these things. We were in such a rush to leave that I left one of Lily's new dolls in the office*, there goes mother of the year...

So without further ado, the stats and some pics...I know that is why you are here :)

Her FAVORITE article of clothing, the lily hat! 
Height: 31in (31%)
Weight: 23lbs 10oz (41%)
Head: 46.2cm (41%)
Height to Weight %: 70 

Watching Elmo with Daddy
The face she makes when we say "smile"

*I went back to the office for the toy only to be told that another child had taken it, only to get home to a message on the machine saying they had the doll and I could pick it up any time...phew! 


  1. ah, well-baby appointments. SO fun, aren't they? I love your description of it though because I can SO relate. And what an emotional rollercoaster about her dollie!

  2. I also hate it when my daughter has to get shots. The first time she got a shot at her two month check up, I cried harder than she did, and the nurse was concerned that I was too upset to drive home!! I'm still tear up, but it's not as bad anymore.

    Thanks goodness you were able to get the doll back...that could have been bad! LOL!

  3. She is oh-so cute! Love that hat.