Monday, October 10, 2011

A trip to the fair!

After Lily's 18 month appointment on Monday we spent the afternoon at the Topsfield Fair. As a kid I looked forward to the Cumberland County Fair every year so I was really excited to start the tradition with our own family.

The weather on Monday was perfect for an afternoon outside. We started out with some lunch (pizza!) and a visit to the ducks. After lunch we scoped out some rides and decided to take Lily on her first ever Merry-Go-Round. She was a little unsure what to make of the peeling and chipped faces of the tired horses, but once we settled on one and I got on with her, she was ready to ride!

After our trip "round and round" we walked through the fair's many animal barns. They had a free petting zoo, which was almost more excitement than my tot could handle. She has no fear and did not hesitate even once about sticking her hands up to the goats, miniature horses, and sheep for some slobbery kisses. It is hard to say which animals were her favorite, she loves them all. We finished out the afternoon with another ride on the Merry -Go-Round and a fried dough. I think the fried dough may have been everyone's favorite part!

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