Thursday, October 27, 2011

She does her little turn on the catwalk!

I let my 18 month old pick out her own clothes. I know, I know...a dangerous road. I tell myself it is okay because so far she has yet to throw a fit or try to leave the house dressed like Lady Gaga. For the most part she prefers to dress like an 80's aerobics instructor. And for whatever reason she loves to wear extra clothes around her neck. I actually didn't notice just how often she likes to have her onesies snapped on the outside of her leggings until I looked at this months pictures all at once. I should also add that very rarely are her choices weather appropriate and when she is particularly pleased with an ensemble she runs around shouting "cool girl!!"

Without further ado, my daughter the fashionista. 
Purple skinny jeans, puppy shoes, and a pink "scarf". 
Shorts over leggings, this was a two day look.
Ready to start sweating to the oldies!
Event: VIP Tea Party
Attire: Pajama top, jeans, sandals, and a bucket hat.
To cool for school...and to zip up her hoodie. 


  1. ok, she's honestly so ridiculously cute!!!!!!!!!!!! can you clone me one of those? i love her outfits so so much and this blog! did you get me note in fb? xoxo, flora

  2. sorry for the typos... i'm sure you understand my speak :)

  3. you need to stop it with this cuteness. I cannot stand it!!

  4. i love every moment of this. i can't get enough of them.