Thursday, December 15, 2011

Because I love indulging my kid!

In the past few weeks Lily has professed her undying love for holiday lights. She is completely obsessed actually. Wait, is there a word that means more than obsessed? Engrossed? Infatuated? Hmmm.

Every night before bed she begs to be taken outside in her jammies to bask in their warm glow one last time. The first words out of her mouth in the morning are "Christmas. tree. lights?!?!?!?" (all said while nodding her head up and down, vigorously). Subsequently the first thing I do in the morning is no longer let out the dog; it is plug in the tree. 

In an attempt to indulge her obsession I googled "Christmas light displays, MA". After sifting through the results for a few minutes I came across the website for Edaville USA. Edaville is a small amusement park located about an hour south of where we live. The drive time made me apprehensive..what if we got all the way there and she hated it? After asking around and reading reviews, Dingle and I decided it was worth the trip. They have a train that takes you around the whole park for the sole purpose of looking at Christmas lights...I mean, come on! 

Lily loved every minute. It is an outside park and I was worried that she would be cold, but she couldn't have cared less. She loved the lights and the displays. She loved the train ride (and the fried dough Daddy treated us to). She loved the ridiculously fast merry-go-round (mommy and daddy not so much...seriously it was a little scary). She LOVED the flying elephant ride. I think we have a new holiday tradition!

(The auto focus on the camera is acting up, plus it was dark and I was wearing gloves. I realize some of the pictures are out of focus) 

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