Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Half Baked (20 weeks)!

20w (maternity cords, maternity top) 

The headaches are a distant memory and these days I am feeling great. I wouldn't say that I have had a second trimester burst of energy, but I also have a there you go. For the last week or so baby boy has been hosting his very own dance party every evening between 8 and 11pm. On Tuesday (12/12) Dingle felt his first real kick.

My belly is starting to "get in the way" a little bit and several times in the last two days I have given baby boy a "love tap" with the refrigerator door, oops. Lily is becoming increasingly aware of the belly too. Today out of the blue she started patting my belly and saying "pats for baby"...and then my heart burst and I died from the cuteness. Seriously.

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