Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Boy OH BOY was I wrong!

Introducing our baby...BOY

Our anatomy scan went perfectly on Wednesday. The baby was asleep for the first few minutes of the scan which gave the tech some great photo opps! Once she woke him up it was a whole other story. Not surprisingly our little guy is a mover and a shaker (I have been feeling him since about 17w) and did not want to cooperate. As will be the case for years to come, her little brother's antics put Lily's patience to the test. Daddy did a great job stuffing her face with cereal bars and keeping her relatively happy for FORTY-FIVE minutes. Somebody get that guy a Klondike!

Once we had confirmation that baby looked good I sheepishly asked if we could find out the gender. I just about fell off the table when the tech said BOY!!! 

TRUTH: I cried happy tears. We are so blessed to be Lily's parents and I just can't even imagine being blessed enough to have one of each.

TRUTH: I am a little sad for Lily that this baby is not another girl, but she will be an amazing big sister regardless. 

TRUTH: The idea of having a boy scares the stuffing out of me!! 


  1. SO excited for you on this, you know. And don't worry---if I find out we are having a girl, I will be scared, too! It's scary when you only know one sex! Lily will be a great big sis to her little brother, I just know it.

  2. YAY!!! So so happy and excited that you guys are having a boy (I also must brag that i totally called it, based primarily on your symptoms and how different you felt with Lily). Wonderful news and big hugs and kisses to you and Matt and Lily, who will be the best big sis! xo, flora

  3. I'm with Flora, i said the same thing. Very exciting stuff. I wonder if little boy sither will mind all the dresses I already bought for him?!

  4. Yay for a full set! I seem to recall Aim saying that boys are WAY easier than girls.