Monday, February 3, 2014

Baby #3 - 15 Weeks!

Baby stats: This week the baby is about four inches long and weighs 2.5oz. She is about the size of an apple and her legs are now longer than her arms. She is busy developing her tiny lungs and although she cannot open her eyes she can sense light.

Bump picture. Again no natural light to be had but you are getting used to the pictures by now anyway. :)

Oh hello old maternity clothes, I cannot say that I have missed you all that much. I actually really like maternity clothes in general and there are some super cute things out there right now, but buying a house does not lend itself to updating a wardrobe that will only be worn for a few months. This week I pulled out my old bin of clothes and have started separating out the things that will fit me now. A lot of my maternity clothes are work clothes from school and a little too dressy (and needlessly uncomfortable) for my current SAHM role. It is only a matter of time before Lily asks, "Mommy didn't you just wear that shirt?"

I think this might be my last week in regular jeans, I can still wear them pretty comfortably because I am carrying so high, except...and this is obviously a problem, when I am sitting on the floor playing. I wore leggings today and it was just so much more comfortable!

Also, and I have no idea how I failed to mention this sooner, the boobs! They're back and they are spectacular. (It's okay if you just scrolled back up to check them out, no shame)

How you doin'?This week was full of worry, mostly about the new house but any time I feel anxious it is not a far leap for my brain to transfer that worry over to baby related uncertainties. Physically I have been feeling great so I have no real reason to worry at all. And to be honest I am not really "worried" about the new house either, I just can't stop thinking about it, which I do think is different. I am just at a stage where I cannot for the life of me turn my brain off.

I went for a jog on Tuesday and then again on Thursday! I am a running junkie. I swore I was only going to walk (briskly) but by the time I had done 800m I just couldn't stifle the urge to pick up the pace and see what I could still do. Surprisingly running felt SO good. I ran something like a 10 minute mile so I wasn't exactly stepping on the gas but my lungs and legs both felt so great. I slowed down and walked another 800m and decided that 2 miles every couple of days is just what the doctor ordered. I don't know how long I will be able to keep it up, lets face it at this rate I won't be able to bend over and tie my shoes in a few weeks, but for now it feels right so I am going to stick with it.

Aversions/Cravings: Still hungry all the time and on the two days I went for a jog I could have eaten my way through the entire refrigerator. I feel like I am doing a pretty good job eating balanced meals and not just filling up on junk. That is not to say I am eating "perfectly", I have had more than my share of cupcakes recently. I have no choice but to eat a good breakfast, the baby demands it. I have been trying to eat foods high in iron and drink all my daily water. So far I am doing pretty well, thanks in part to eating at my mom and dad's. I know that if I were home alone and left to my own devices I would not make a full meal for myself on the nights that Matt is in the city.

Still craving sour pickles, hot mustard, hot and sour soup (the best of both worlds right now!) and a cold beer. Damn you cold beer.

Sleeping: Eh, same old story here. I do all of my best worrying at night. Specifically from 2-5am. I have no trouble whatsoever falling asleep, but once I get up to pee at two I might as well get up for the day and try and be productive. Maybe I could pick up a part time job, haha.

Movement: Definitely felt the baby on three separate occasions this week, no doubt in my mind. I cannot feel anything from the outside yet but I know this baby is a mover and a shaker!

Milestones: Feeling tiny baby kicks!

What I am looking forward to: My anatomy scan is scheduled for Feb 26th. I am very excited to see the baby again and make it past this huge milestone and just confirm that everything looks good. There is currently a heated debate taking place in this marriage over whether or not to find out the gender...but that is a post for another day!

Worries: Ha.Ha.Ha.

I just have to remind myself that there is nothing to worry about. It is out of my hands. I feel great and if there is something 'wrong' with the baby than we will cross that bridge when we get there. Period.

Let's compare: 

With Lily I was blissfully unaware that pregnancy complications and birth defects do happen to real women. We are closing in on the time frame that I found out that Lily might have Spina Bifida, which to this day was the worst and scariest day of my life, bar none. With Ben and this baby I was/am painfully aware of these details.

I was not exercising at all at this point during either of my other pregnancies, oops.

I am not as happy in our current living situation as I was when I was pregnant with my other two children and so in general that is spilling over into feeling like I am enjoying this pregnancy less. I think it is some sort of mind trick however because I really do love being pregnant. Moving into the new house will be amazing.

Best moment of the week: Two this week. First was yesterday. We had the house to ourselves in the afternoon so around one o'clock we put Ben down for a nap and Matt and I snuggled up with Lily in our bed and put on the Winnie the Pooh movie. It was so sweet to just lay there and snuggle. Matt and I both cat napped and Lily was as happy as a little clam. It was one of those "yup...THIS is love" moments.

Just now as I was typing out my update the sellers accepted the purchase and sale agreement and are going to give us the credits we asked for. The house is officially under contract!


  1. You are just too adorable. So much going on in your life, no wonder it's hard to 'shut off' your brain!!!

  2. Great update, minus your inability to pop open a cold beer and celebrate the impending move. Moving ought to keep you busy until the baby comes. ;-)