Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dream House - Inspected!

On Friday morning Matt and I met the home inspector and 7 other gentlemen at our future home.

We remember the inspection process from when we bought out first home so I came prepared with my camera, a notepad and pen, and a tape measure. At our first inspection it was just us and the inspector...and it was still overwhelming. On Friday there were SO MANY PEOPLE on the property. There were the septic tank guys, and the the air/water quality guys, the renter, the home inspector, the realtor, and us.

Of course everyone wanted to do their part and get on to their next project but it just wasn't possible to meet with everyone all at once. The home inspector was my top priority and I tried my best to stick close to him. Side note: The inspector is the dad of a high school classmate of mine who had done his homework and asked all about us prior to meeting was adorable and he very much treated us as though we were his kids buying this house, which I found very reassuring. He took his time and answered every single question I had. He let me climb ladders, helped me take measurements, and tolerated me climbing into the crawl spaces. Overall the house looks great and there is nothing major that we should be worried about. The roof and other big ticket items are all in great condition which is a huge relief.

The renter was there when we first got there to let us know that a pipe had burst in the upstairs eave and had leaked down the wall and was dripping into the basement. Awesome. In reality it really isn't that big of a deal and most of the damage is just cosmetic. We are choosing not to press the issue and are giving them the benefit of the doubt that they will take care of the problem like they said they would. Hopefully our laid back attitude doesn't come back to bite us. The renter also offered us some helpful insight into the home, how to heat it, repairs he thinks he would make etc.

The septic tank guys were equally awesome. A father son duo that were just as nice as can be. They were knowledgeable and also took a lot of time with us making sure that we understood the hows and whys of maintaining a septic system. So now I know all about what happens to our waste, what a relief! Also there are no problems with the current system, so that is also a relief.

The air and water quality guys were last and this is the system that makes me the most nervous for sure. The water (pre-filters) tested positive for high levels of arsenic which obviously isn't safe. The water post filter is very safe to drink but the filtration system needs servicing and in the not too distant future will need some upgrading. We are asking the sellers for a credit to put towards the urgent servicing. The system itself is huge and sort of intimidating. Hopefully when the guys come back to do the service call the house will be less hectic and we can take a little more time to learn what all of the components do.

The only other significant finding was that there is radon in the basement. A remediation system will need to be installed and we are asking the sellers for a credit for this as well.

Other than that we are letting all of the small stuff go. The last thing I want to do is put a bad taste in the sellers' mouths because we are being too nit picky. We signed the purchase and sale today and now we just wait to see if the sellers counter or if they simply agree to our terms. We really do feel as though the two credits we are asking for would/will be issues with any buyer and that the sellers will handle them appropriately.

I did take a lot of new pictures and I will organize them and figure out a way to post them in a way that tells the story of the house. Most likely I will do some sort of before and after post as we complete our projects and add our person touches to this home. Decorating may be a challenge and a lot of our old furniture might not work in these spaces. I really won't know until we get it all in. Just like with any new house there will definitely be a transitional period before things are just how I would like them. The kitchen and bathrooms are in need of some updating and I would like to refinish the floors and replace the carpets. I can't wait to get started! My kids are going to be so so happy there.

This house literally makes my heart skip a beat.

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